Thursday, 31 January 2013

catching up, breakfast with friends

A bit of catching up, last week Friday - Sunday. Mark leaving for the Wirral on Friday, walking with mum & Indigo to take Mark to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, waving Mark off, being sad that he was gone but at least we'd only be apart until Tuesday, simple beans and cheese on waffles for dinner (I used to eat this like everyday, I've rediscovered my love!), eating mini Creme Eggs and watching all the soaps with mumma bear, doing mum's ironing for her, reading and spending a lazy Saturday in PJs, finishing Book 3 and ordering the sequel, the biggest serving of homemade spag bol I have ever had, but oh it was so so good! (thinking about this now makes me wish I was having spag bol right now!!), mum making us steam chocolate pudding out of a tin, no custard for me but it was quite tasty, breakfast with my best friends on Sunday morning, koala bear presents from Australia, leaving said koala bear presents in the cafe (sob sob), having brunch but secretly it was kind of lunch, nicola's kids meal and her colouring book, having a lovely catch up, going round morrisons to get some shopping afterwards and all of us buying a gingerbread dinosaur (for Mark, Chris and Lee if Nicola doesn't eat hers :p), Nicola buying a book with a picture of a cat that looks exactly like her cat Henry, Sunday afternoon, a quiet one, watched Mr Selfridge in the evening and told mum and Willow who everyone was cause they hadn't been watching, followed by an early ish night ready for the hospital on Monday morning... also included here is a photo of Gemma and a photo of Leah (the last two) from our lunch at the cafe on Tuesday before I left to travel back to the Wirral (I was fitting in as much friend time as possible!).


  1. Sounds like it was a fun weekend! Sad that you left your koala at the cafe though!

  2. god i could eat all of this right now, would go down a treat. x

  3. Making me hungry looking at that fry up!

    I'm your newest follower :)


  4. Great post dear! Love the pictures as well!! :))



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