Thursday, 10 January 2013

overdue Christmas day photos

Willow, mumma bear, Zenobia, Gemma
Willow, mum, Zenobia, me
Willow, mum, me, Gemma
Willow, mum, me, Gemma, Zenobia
Zach, Josh, me, Zenobia, Willow (a rare photo of us older siblings!)
Zach, mum, Josh
Gemma and her brother, Jamie
Jamie and my nephew, McKenzie
Joe as Batman, Phoenix, Indigo, Ty
Maxine, Mark, Lynn, Phil (Molly, Bronwen, Ben behind)
Caitlin (my niece), Jamie and McKenzie

Christmas was as always a lovely, family and friends orientated affair. We spent hours opening presents (as can be seen here), being visited by a family friend Bronwen who brought more presents, and at last my brother Josh and his family coming round. Zach also came later on in the morning to open his presents, as 2012 was the year Zach got his own flat. And, as has been tradition for the last few years, along with some of our friends we gathered at our local hall which we hire out to have dinner together. This year there were less of us than any previous years, but it was still lovely to have everyone in the same place. Mum had bought a bouncy castle for the children a few months ago, so it had it's first use at the hall as you can see! We didn't go for the traditional dinner this year, we instead had lots of cooked/roasted meats, bread rolls, stuffing, gravy and sauces... it was delicious!! Of course, we also had plenty of desserts including homemade ice cream as supplied by Phil. It was lovely to get some of those family photos above, as it's not very often we manage to get everyone in a photo. I think my favourite has to be the one of me with my two brothers and two sisters. Although this isn't all of us (there are 8 of us children in my family!), I don't think we even have a photo of the 5 of us together until now.

I know this is an overdue post, so I am sorry but there were so many photos from Christmas it took ages to decide on some to share :) also, I stupidly left my camera lead at my mum's so until she posts it to me (along with my next course DVD!) I won't be able to upload any new photos. I had my final hospital appointment come through today, for the 28th of this month. Two CT scans, one with contrast dye (I think this means an injection, yuck!). I am looking forward to the end of Feb when I meet with my consultant again, and hopefully get some positive news after all these upcoming tests. I have been doing some painting lately, and I am going to be changing things a little on my blog design soon :)


  1. lovely blog.

  2. Wow your family is huge, bet it's so much fun! I've got loads of cousins and things, love getting together at Christmas. I hope the appointment goes well, make sure you tell us what happens! xxx


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