Sunday, 6 January 2013

new year's day part 1

Between us, over 300 photos were taken on new year's day! We visited my absolute favourite place in the entire world, so it's not surprising really. We went to Bradgate Park, which is full of beautiful trees, wide open spaces, lovely views, lots of deer, pretty waterfalls, climbing rocks and general wonderfulness. It was the perfect day for our walk, a crisp sunny day with a beautiful blue sky. The sun was casting a warm glow over everything, and I couldn't help but click away with the camera. I've chosen 28 photos out of the hundreds, not just of the gorgeous park itself but of my family too. I've split them into two posts :) I hope you enjoy them! And if you ever get the chance, or live locally, make the most of this beautiful piece of the world!

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  1. Oh wow, it's absolutely gorgeous there! That's the kind of environment I love as well. I am the same way: I always take hundreds of photos when I go to places like this!


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