Sunday, 20 January 2013

a snow day pt1

flurries of snow, everything so pretty covered in white, two attempts at baking a lemon loaf cake, grilling the first one because we thought it was the oven setting on the new cooker, taking half of the actual cooked one for Mark's nana after we drizzled it with lemon icing, Matisse and Almond snuggled up because bears hibernate in Winter, being so cold we wished we could hibernate in Winter, spending all of Friday indoors waiting for the snow to stop falling so we could venture out today, catching up on studying, nearly finishing my second book of the year, Mark's 'red ring of death' Xbox coming back to life, spending an evening watching soaps, Mark going to play squash this morning with his brother Craig, getting some laundry done, Craig staying for a cup of tea and having some difficulty getting onto the drive due to the snowy/icy road, venturing out for a walk round the village, snow covered flowers...
This was supposed to be posted yesterday (Saturday) but the internet was down due to snow!


  1. ahh god! nothing sets a bloke into a blind panic like the red ring of death, i never want to be around my friends when that happens! this all looks incredibly pretty, shame about grilling the cake! x

  2. I love your snuggled up teddies, haha! I need to convince my boyfriend to take wintery pictures with me but so far we've been hibernating indoors :P
    I love your blog - excited to be following! If you have a spare moment maybe check out mine and if you like it, follow back?

    Andrea xxx

  3. ahh that is such a lovely picture of you both :)

    that lemon loaf looks delish



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