Tuesday, 1 January 2013

25 by 25, my resolutions for 2013

Happy new year everyone :) I hope it is happy!

This year, instead of making those huge life-changing resolutions that people make each year and then give up on by February, I have come up with this. My list of 25 smaller things, all equally important, that will hopefully help me to appreciate every moment of the next year and not let life pass me by. Every year just seems to go quicker doesn't it? I turned 24 on December 1st, so this is my (one month late) list of 25 things to do before I turn 25.

1. Fly a kite
On a beach, in the park, even in the garden. I just want to fly a kite :)
Mark bought me my very own kite for Easter!

2. Compile a series of illustrations for things I've written down that Indigo has said
Indigo has said some cute but also hilarious things, the way a 3 year old's mind works! I'd love to put some of these down in real writing, they're lovely memories.

3. Go back to the Lakes, walk along the beach, visit the charming little antiques shop
Mark worked up in the Lakes for a year or so, and it was one of the most wonderful places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. We loved walking along the beach, whatever the weather, there's something about being by the sea that makes me feel happy and safe.

4. Eagerly await The Perks of Being a Wallflower dvd, rent it and watch it
I missed this in the cinema, it's one of my favourite books, and although I know it won't compare I still really want to see it.
Watched & loved! 29/04/13

5. See my friends lots and lots
As mentioned previously, I have missed my friends a lot this year! Living in entirely different postcodes hasn't helped. But I want to spend more time with them, because I love them very much!

6. Find more time for painting
One of my favourite ways to pass the time. I got a new set of paints for Christmas too, so I intend to put them to good use :)

7. Be more organised with assignment deadlines
I'm a big procrastinator, I admit it! I would like to try and get on top of my workload more this year.
Assignment 01: score of 81, very pleased!!

8. More adventures
With friends, with Mark, with family. Just lots more adventures!

9. Take more photographs, and have them printed
Photographs are the best kind of treasure. Looking at a photograph can take you back to a time and place, perhaps even people, that don't exist anymore. From my own experiences, photographs have become a very important part of my life, and I have learnt to capture as many moments as I can. And I must print them - having a photograph stored on your laptop just isn't the same as in a real album.

10. Find time for at least one book a month
I love reading. It's the perfect escape, whilst I'm reading I don't have space in my head to think about anything or anyone outside of the book I'm reading.

11. Bake cookies
With all the cake baking I've done, I have never baked cookies!! If anyone has a simple recipe and instructions, I'd be very grateful :)

12. Go to a zoo that has bears
I don't even know if I need to say how much I love bears, but it's a lot.

13. Date nights
Mark & I can sit doing nothing together, and be happy in doing so. But I think sometimes it's nice to set aside time for doing specific things together, even silly things like movie nights or playing Scrabble (I might even let Mark win..!)

14. Do something for charity
I've been thinking about this one for a while. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I'd love to raise some money for a charity called Marie Curie, they were invaluable when my dad was ill, and I'd like to make some kind of donation so that they can carry on giving other people the amazing support we had.
contributed 50 classifications so far on Cell Slider for Cancer Research
Girl In The Daffodil Dress Prints for Marie Curie

15. Visit the Harry Potter studio
Mark got me tickets for Christmas. Mark hasn't read the books, he hasn't even watched the films, so he must really love me to be taking me to the studio! I really can't wait, Harry Potter is the best.

16. Leave anonymous nice notes in random places
Some kind of Post Secret inspired act I think. I've read notes about people who found notes in library books, and I think a little act of kindness can go a very long way. I'd love to find a nice anonymous note, and I think it could really make someone's day :)

17. Keep up my blog
I promise to try!! I may not blog all that regularly, and I don't blog as much as others perhaps, but I really enjoy this little space of the internet. It serves as a diary as much as anything (I am useless at keeping real diaries!). I love reading other people's blogs too, and would like to expand my reading list, if anyone has any suggestions.

18. Get a second tattoo
I have one tattoo already, and it says 'never forget' on the inside of my left wrist. I had it for my dad, and it means a lot to me. I would like another tattoo, one that is meaningful and personal to me as well. I still can't quite decide what I'd like, but I'm hoping that this year I will. I think something that indicates my relationship with Mark, he has something like that for a tattoo, and I like the idea of it.

19. Have a teddybear picnic
With Matisse, Rennie, Munch, and Almond!

20. Explore more
Everywhere! Locally, far away, anywhere and everywhere.

21. Sit in the park & watch the sunset
Mark & I once sat in the park to watch the sunset. We started to get hungry, and we had a bag of cookies we'd just bought... we both got one out, and by the time we looked up again the sun had already set!! Hopefully we'll be more successful this time!

22. And sunrise
When we were on holiday at the seaside once, my dad woke me up at a very early hour and we walked down to the beach to watch the sunrise. My dad was a camera fanatic, and got some lovely photographs. I'm not quite so clever with my camera, but I'd love to try it out.

23. Go see more bands
Despite my ringing ear/bad hearing, live music is one of my favourite things. Mark & I both love gigs, and for the past two years now we've managed to see two bands in each year. We'd like to keep this up.
Daughter @ Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 22/04/13
Minus The Bear @ Liverpool Kazimier on 28/04/13
Portugal. The Man @ Manchester Day & Night Cafe on 13/09/13
Bastille @ Leicester O2 Academy on 17/10/13
Coheed & Cambria, Arcane Roots @ Liverpool Academy on 15/11/13

24. Make more of an effort with my hair
A simple one, you'd think! But I'm useless with my hair, it's either straightened down or it's tied up. I never really feel that my hair looks particularly 'nice'. I must make more effort!!

25. Appreciate each person, moment, thing
Last, but not least. Time flies too quickly, even more so with each year that passes. I know as much anyone, if not more, that time is to be treasured. Every moment is precious. I'm going to try to and appreciate everything this year :)

Wow, now that I'm finished it seems quite a hefty list. Wish me luck!! I hope you are all successful in whatever you've decided to embark on in 2013 :) I will keep this updated with any progress throughout the year.


  1. This is a lovely post & I love the secret notes idea :) x

  2. this is lovely, such good ideas, especially getting photos printed! i think it's a shame all photos these days are shoved on a laptop and forgotten about. good luck, and happy new year!

  3. This is a wonderful list, Hannah! :) You really seem to appreciate the small things in life and that makes you such a beautiful person. I definitely agree about the pictures and printing them - having them stored on the computer is not the same and that reminds me, I have so many pictures I need to print! I want to display as many as I can because pictures just make me feel so good. xxx

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