Sunday, 20 January 2013

snow day pt2

...down school hill to the park to find masses of parents and children sledding down the hill (what a lovely sight!), children out in the village making snowmen, leaving footprints in the snow, the beautiful contrast between the red poppies in the memorial and the soft white snow, discovering lovely little doorways, stocking up on milk and bread, buying more baking stuff (flour, eggs, icing sugar) because homemade cakes are better than shop bought, meeting the new neighbour (Warren, he seemed lovely), toasted cheese sandwich for lunch and a slice of lemon cake, Mark watching Liverpool v Norwich (5-0, a victory!) whilst I did uni work, getting a back massage which made my poorly back feel so much better (it's sore again now, sob), reading again whilst Mark played Xbox, visiting nana for an hour, getting sucked into watching Britain's Brightest on TV, watching Take Me Out and enjoying a lazy evening together under the blanket because it is very cold!
Oysho cat hat & mittens, Warehouse coat, All Saints scarf & jeans, Marc B bag, BullBoxer boots, Tatty Devine fox brooch


  1. I love your snow day photos! It all looks so pretty. Love your hat and mittens too, Oysho is my favourite! Hope your back is ok :( xxx

  2. Love the photo's, I love the snow :).

    Sadie xx

  3. So jealous that you get snow days - we get winter but it's just cold, no excitement of snow! Cute outfit, and yay for home baked goods. Always better than bought, so true x

  4. these photos are so lovely! that archway looks like the entrance to the secret garden!

    hope you're feeling better, sorry to hear about your back :(


  5. These photos are so lovely! And the hat & mittens... They've been in & out of my basket on ASOS for weeks now! I think you've just persuaded me to get them though, they look soo cute on! :D

  6. ugh, I wish it snowed here! It looks like so much fun to be in the snow!

    You look so pretty in the last picture...the gate you're standing by reminds me of the Secret Garden :)


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