Friday, 18 January 2013

25 by 25: One book a month

10. Find time for at least one book a month
I love reading. It's the perfect escape, whilst I'm reading I don't have space in my head to think about anything
or anyone outside of the book I'm reading.

Book 1: Friends, Lovers and other Indiscretions by Fiona Neill Rated 3/5
I chose this book because it was the best of a bad bunch in a charity shop, and was about 50p. It was written by the author of The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy which I have read before, and found quite enjoyable. I tend to go for similar kinds of books, because after all, I'm not looking for anything educational or intelligent; I'm just looking for a bit of escapism! This book was quite compelling, and I finished it in a few days. I don't want to give too much away, but it centers around a group of friends whose lives have all taken different paths. They all end up spending a week on holiday together, during which more than one secret is uncovered about their tangled lives. I'd say many people will probably relate to some of the situations in this book, and it isn't a book that's so shiny and happy it makes you feel bad about your own life!

Book 2: Take A Chance On Me by Jill Mansell Rated 5/5
My second choice was £1.99 in a charity shop, and I couldn't resist this one. I've read books by Jill Mansell before, and she's one of the authors I keep an eye out for. A lovely hardback book for £1.99 - bargain! Even though I haven't given in to the world of Kindles and other such devices, I'd rather pick my books up second hand. Unless I fall totally in love with a book (very few!), I'm only going to read it once. I started this book yesterday, and I'm half way through it.
20/01/13: Finished this book today, and absolutely loved it. One of those books where there are a few different characters' stories going on, all interlocking in some way. Great characters, especially Ash!! Definitely recommend it!

Book 3: The Shop On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber Rated 5/5
I really, really enjoyed this book. It was my favourite so far! In fact, I loved it so much I have ordered the sequel which will be my Book 4. There's a bit of everything thrown in here, some sad/happy/fearful/hopeful parts, it really is a wonderful book. There were twists and turns, and I didn't know what was going to happen. At one point I thought I did, and I was wrong! I ended up thinking it could really go either way. It picks up the story of 4 women, again an interlocking thing going on here, but the way they all end up bound together is totally unexpected, for both the characters and the reader. I have passed this on to a friend, Bronwen, because I think she would enjoy it as much as I did. Highly recommended!

Book 4: A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber Rated 5/5
The sequel to Book 3. I enjoyed this book, again, so much! It was on par with the first book, and I felt just as involved with the new characters as I did with the previous ones. One character, Lydia (the shop - A Good Yarn's - owner), remains a constant, which is a good link from the first book to the second. However, you wouldn't necessarily need to have read the first, because although the characters from the first are involved a bit (which I also really enjoyed), there's nothing that says you couldn't just read this book - you'd still know what was happening if that makes sense. Definitely recommended, and I found out via my GoodReads that there are a load more books after this one - definitely will be purchasing!

Book 5: A Year Doing Good by Judith O'Reilly Rated 4/5
When I first started reading, I wasn't too keen on the format, and I was finding it difficult to get through. But the further I got in, the more I enjoyed it. The format is suited to the idea behind the book, and a very good idea it is. It is biographical, and Judith (the author) embarks on a year of doing good. So that's one good deed a day. There are some very funny moments in there, and moments where you're in awe that she's still carrying it on! Definitely worth a read, quite inspirational.

Book 6: Hard Times by Charles Dickens Rated 4/5
Does this count?! I had to read this as part of my course, and honestly I found it so difficult to get into at first. The language and the styles used were so tedious to me. But as I got into the story more and characters developed, I really started to enjoy it, and looked forward to finding out what was going to happen to the people I was rooting for. Well worth a read, and by a classic author no less.

Book 7: Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell Rated 5/5
Another heartwarming tale by Jill Mansell, an author I always keep an eye out for. A romantic tale with unexpected twists and turns in other areas of life. A light but sometimes serious read, you can't help but fall for both Jake and Caspar in equal measures in totally different ways!

Book 8: From Notting Hill With Love... Actually by Ali McNamara Rated 3/5
Although I rated this book lower, it's still worth a read. It's the perfect light and easy book with many a whimsical moment and romantic dilemma. A good beach read I'd say! Scarlett's in a bit of a Bridget Jones Daniel Cleaver/Mark Darcy dilemma, she daydreams of life in a movie but always has the best intentions and sometimes that gets her into trouble.

Book 9: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown Rated 5/5
I used to enjoy reading thrillers by the likes of Dean Koontz, and watching movies like the Saw series, but I am by all accounts now a bit of a scaredy cat. This isn't my usual choice of book, but Hester who I work with recommended it to me and let me borrow it. I'm really glad she did else I'd never have known the genius that is Dan Brown - and I can't wait to get started on the next one in the Robert Langdon series. In fact, I bought four Dan Brown books at the car boot sale as soon as I'd finished reading this one. Full of historical wonder and incredible detail (bare with it..!). The story is incredible, it ends up so far from where I thought it would finish and I'm thoroughly impressed. I couldn't have predicted the ending, nor the inbetween. Just make sure you're not eating, as some of the imagery can be a bit much!

Book 10: I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk Rated ?
I picked this up with the Dan Brown books, I think I'm due a nice girly read after the last book!!

Book 11: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Rated 9/10
Coming soon

Book 12: The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern Rated ?
Coming soon

Book 13: ? Rated ?
Coming soon

I will keep this post updated with books I read throughout this year, and hopefully there will be something that you'd like to read, or that inspires you to pick up a book :)


  1. I love going to charity shops to find books, it's where all of my Shopaholic books have come from! My goal is to read 20 books this year, you should use goodreads to track your progress! xo

  2. I really need to try charity shops for books again...I loved Take a Chance on me.

  3. I'm the same, I only buy my books from charity shops! I find good things once exams are over because students give their books away then and they're nearly always in good condition xxx

  4. I was the exact same way until I got a kindle for my birthday. Actually I was sort of against the kindle. But now I do really like reading on it. Then again, there's nothing like a shelf full of books. Either way, I like that buying on kindle or second hand is much better for the environment, and usually much cheaper.

  5. Those sound like books I'd be interested in. I, too, like books that provide escapism and not necessarily intelligent textbook-like books. I even read kids chapters books sometimes because they're just fun, haha.

    I love your new blog layout/design. It's so pretty! xx


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