Saturday, 2 June 2012

very first craft fair

Firstly I have to tell you about the dilemma that occurred late last night!! The above photo is my completed mugs (and money box mugs). I needed to give all the mugs a wash in soapy water, which Mark kindly offered to do for me. And unfortunately, much to our dismay, the spray we used obviously wasn't effective enough or there was some flaw in the process as in the water the coating peels off, which takes the design with it. So I had to leave behind all the mugs, as you can't possibly drink from a mug that can't be washed! Hopefully I will find the problem/solution, and sort them all out!

This is us early on this morning just before we left for the craft fair! The first photo Mark took all "arty" of my outfit including my Luella 'geek' badge, and the gorgeous Tatty Devine paintbrush brooch that Mark bought me last year. I love it!

Me with the stall in the process of setting up, just writing out the price tags before people started arriving at 10.30am

What my stall looked like! Rennie came along to help :)

The day was very slow on a whole, there was a little rush around 2pm where I made most of my sales. It's been gloomy and rainy all day! Luckily I took my watercolours along, so I did a little painting of a bear on a blank card. It wasn't a massive success in terms of making any money - I didn't manage to make back the money I spent on getting a table! But as Mark pointed out, everyone who looked at my stall smiled, which made me very happy. I did sell a few bits including a blue bear money box :) the most popular items seemed to be the stickers and the little magnets!

Overall, Mark & I both enjoyed the day :) Mark had to help his work friend Steve fix a door that had broken, as the fair was held at Mark's place of work!

We did pick up a couple of nice bits from the fair, including chocolate lollies for just 50p, sweets for £1, and these two gorgeous keyrings/handbag charms! I bought the charm on the left for Lynn who is forever losing her keys - I thought it would be the perfect thing to help her dig them out in her handbag! The middle one has been attached to the front of my handbag :) the charms were just £2 each, and I think they're lovely.
I'm not sure if I would do the craft fair again, just because of the price of the table which was £25. Over the next day or so I intend to sort out my Facebook page, and website, so people can buy my things online :) overall it was a good day, and I'm pleased that people liked my bears!


  1. Please come and do a craft fair in Hinckley! I would love to see your things and have a good catch up! I am glad you had a good day, your little beary things are so sweet Hannah!

    1. Oh thank you Heidi! I will definitely keep an eye out for a craft fair in Hinckley, hopefully one will pop up that I'm able to do :) if not soon then definitely when I finish work in September as I won't be working Saturdays anymore!

  2. looks absolutely marvellous


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