Thursday, 14 June 2012

tinnitus counseling & retail therapy of sorts

This morning I had an appointment at the hospital, as I've suffered with my ear ringing since December last year, when I had a bout of labrynthitis. Since then I have suffered severe episodes of vertigo, and also have low frequency deafness in the affected (right) ear! So I was hoping today's appointment would help, however it seems more hopeless than ever!
The consultant attempted to fit me with a hearing aid, about 3 actually. I got to choose between beige and brown (because I have dark hair?)... I chose beige! But the first was too big for my apparently small ear, the second and third only made my hearing worse. It was all echo-y and unpleasant too. My ear was then assaulted with a sponge, a prodding stick, and some goo! As the woman took an impression of my ear, to make me an ear piece. She has no idea whether this will work for me, and I seriously doubt it! I'll get the appointment within another 6-8 weeks. Sigh...

Yesterday, Mark & I sent some cards off in the post... so someone will be receiving these lovely cards some day soon :)

I haven't much exciting news today, as all day yesterday was spent working on my current assignment. I should be doing that now in fact..!

After the disappointment of the hospital this morning, Mark & I went for a wander round a local town center. It involved pound shops, charity shops, gaming shops, and sale rails! We're both poor, but Mark managed to get a couple of PS2 games, and I got a Tracy Beaker book for Phoebe, a couple of frames from the £1 shop, some lovely new pants for £1 in the Miss Selfridge sale, and an Emma Bridgewater pen for £2.99 from TK Maxx which is a gift for my mother as she is in desperate need of her own pen!


  1. I hope your ear woes are solved soon my dear! I can't imagine have a mould taken of your ear was an entirely pleasant experience!

    Karys x

    1. Thank you Karys :) it wasn't an experience I hope to repeat in my lifetime! haha x

  2. I hope you get your ear sorted soon, it must be horrible!
    You are so sweet, always sending cards and letters and gifts :) It is lovely!

    1. Thanks Heidi :) that's so sweet of you to say, I only wish I had more time/money to send gifts and letters! I love searching for the perfect gift, roll on Christmas :) x


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