Friday, 29 June 2012


Some time ago, I stumbled upon this amazing website where all my hoarding dreams came true! Hello, Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that you sign up to and is basically like a giant storage space for all things fabulous/inspirational/funny/ANYTHING! You can add a Pin It Button to your internet browser, and pin away from anywhere you like.

Now, when I joined Pinterest, I had already hoarded thousands of images all over my trusty old laptop. So this website was really the answer to my prayers. As a girl who would save absolutely anything even remotely interesting, and a girl who loves organising things... I can say I am a true Pinterest devotee! I will show you a selection of my pins from different boards of mine (yes - you get to organise things into different spaces - amazing!).

First up, a few pins from my most treasured board 'Wonderful Words'. There are 605 pins on this board (and counting) - all full of inspirational, motivational, or just plain funny phrases or paragraphs or lists.

Secondly, a couple of pins from my Tattoos board. This board only has 83 pins so far, of beautifully designed skin. Do check them out if you like tattoos!

Now, rather than spend my entire night hoarding pictures here, because I simply can't decide on which pictures, I'm just going to link you to my Pinterest. I have pins upon pins upon pins, and I'm always adding more. If you have Pinterest, please leave your link as I would love to see your boards :) I hope you enjoy mine!

P.S. I am going to reorganise my Pinterest soon, as it needs splitting into more boards with more specific themes!! :)

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  1. first thing, I love this, having just visited your tattoos pin board, the idea of having one has grown in appeal. secondly, thank you for your lovely comment, and thirdly exquisite blog name. <3

    // xx


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