Wednesday, 20 June 2012

indigo, nails, hair, sparkle & new things :)

Indigo wanted her nails painted today, and she insisted I do them before she went to playgroup this morning :) so she was the first to sample my new No 7 Foxglove, which I think looks very pretty. I painted gold polka dots over the top for her, she was very pleased.

I did Indigo's hair in braided pigtails this morning :) she had taken them out by the time she got home from playgroup though!! She isn't so keen on having things in her hair for too long!

Our lovely family friend Bronwen bought us this rose plant, and it has blossomed despite my mother's terrible ability to water things!!

Dad planted this rose bush by our kitchen window many years ago, and every year it still comes out with beautiful coloured roses. A little piece of dad that's always here :)

This afternoon Leah & I took Indigo to Fosse Park shopping. We purchased some lovely socks in the sale at Miss Selfridge for just £1. Indigo got a new multicoloured pen from Accessorize for just £2, and a new drawing pad :) she also got this lovely little apple necklace that she chose herself in New Look children's section for £2.99. Also in the Miss Selfridge sale, I got these wooden cross earrings for £2, I tried them and love them already!! This triangle necklace was in the Dorothy Perkins sale also for £2. This was all prior my handy student discount, which hasn't had any use for a while!! Every little helps, right :)

Mum treated me to these, we bought them in a bundle off a second hand site - they were a bargain!! The top is from Topshop, and is a lovely pale mint green lace top with a zip on the back. The dress is a navy shift dress from River Island which is new, you can see the texture on the detailed photo. It will be perfect for Winter! (yes, I'm sorry to say, I am looking that far ahead!)

Finally, a picture of Indigo with her picture of Sparkle. Sparkle was the bunny on the holiday site where the twins & Indigo went with our family friends Bronwen & Lynn in half-term. Indigo was very taken with Sparkle, so Lynn (Indigo thinks Sparkle sent this, so shh!) printed this picture for her and signed it from Sparkle :)
I hope you've all enjoyed the sunshine (or rain!!) today :)

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  1. Doesn't little Indigo look like you Hannah! So cute - you are a great big sister :)
    You always manage to get such nice things, very jealous!


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