Sunday, 24 June 2012

man flu, nails, indigo's doodles, BEARS!

Remember Sparkle the bunny from the children's holiday weekend, in this post? Well this is Indigo's drawing of Sparkle :) oh how the mind of a 3 year old works!

These are some of Indigo's other doodles, one of which is apparently mum! She did them all in her new drawing book, with her new pen :)

Friday morning was Rennie's last morning of his holiday at mumma bear's house with Indigo before he travelled back with me. He curled up to sleep beside Indigo the night before, and this is them snuggled up on the sofa for Indigo's morning juice and TV time before getting ready for the day!

Indigo wasn't so keen on Rennie coming home, she said he told her that he wanted to stay with her and her teddies! Bless her! This bear is a particularly special bear that belongs to Indigo. You can just make out on his t-shirt a photo of dad and Indigo when she was a tiny baby. This was a present to Indigo from mum for her very first Christmas, as Indigo was only born a few months before our dad passed away.

This is one of the plants that the twins had been taking care of in this post. Phoenix proudly informed me that his plant had 3 flowers on it - hurrah!! I am very impressed, well done Phoenix :)

Rennie waiting to leave on Friday morning, by my handbag and Mark's birthday card from mumma bear!

Indigo gave me this painting, she painted it for me at playgroup :) I have proudly taped it on to the bedroom wall so I can see it every morning.

Does anyone else love these adverts?! When we got this "junk" mail in the post, we had to keep him!! He peeps out from behind the cushions.

I have gotten some kind of man flu since I got back on Friday, it has been worse today so I gave in and we went for some fresh air to Tesco. I purchased honey & lemon lockets, pineapple juice (Mark's mum's recommendation!), cold & flu capsules, and heaps of tissues!! I have never been one for cold & flu medication, but this is some indication of how ill I am feeling!!! I have painted my nails tonight, and this is about the most productive thing I have done all day! This is the No 7 Foxglove, with gold polka dots over the top. It was hard to photograph as it is such a glossy polish!!
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :) I'm currently sitting through the England v Italy penalties with Mark... it's tense here to say the least!!


  1. I highly enjoy your blog!

  2. cute photos, i love the nails! xo

  3. Hope you get better soon! And those penalties were horrible to watch weren't they?!
    Cute photos!


  4. You can't beat honey and lemon lockets! Love your nails :) xx


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