Saturday, 16 June 2012

a drawing, a special ring, nails & random bits

Hello :) my little sister Willow sent me this drawing today that she did of me. I think it's lovely, and I love it! Thank you Willow x

A photo of Mark & I from yesterday. Me in one of my favourite band's tshirts, This Town Needs Guns (I recommend the album Animals, especially Zebra, it's beautiful!). We bought these cookies after the hospital on Thursday, the chocolate orange ones are the best cookies I've ever tasted!! 2 bags for £1.60 at Asda.
Last night whilst Mark was watching the football highlights after work, I painted my nails in Topshop's Gone Fishing, with gold polka dots and a flower on each index finger.

This ring was a gift from Mark for Christmas 2010, and is my favourite ring, and the only piece of jewellery I wear every single day. I never take it off in fact, I took it off last night just to moisturise the skin underneath where the ring sits. It's a white gold ring and he chose to have the inside engraved with 'Now I'm Always With You' as we lived a couple of hundred miles apart at the time. I love wearing it :)

A few bits I picked up today, some wrapping for Mark's upcoming birthday and a card, a few Glamour magazines for mum as she wanted some more of the free gifts (Benefit's Porefessional!), allergy tablets, a new nail polish, the Witch stick I told you about in my make-up post (which was on offer in Tesco for £2.03 - bargain!). The nail polish is No 7 Foxglove, it was only £2 as I had a £5 voucher, can't wait to see how it turns out.

Mark & I have rented out the film I have wanted to see for absolutely ages for tonight! I'm so excited to watch it :) It's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", have any of you seen it? I think it will probably be real tear-jerker, but I'm very much looking forward to watching it curled up on the sofa with Mark later on tonight.

The third picture here is a sneak peak of what I'm doing (and my family are also doing) to celebrate Father's Day tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow with pictures :) hope you've all got your dad something special.

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  1. Your nails look LOVELY! I wish I had a steady enough hand to do that - very jealous. I hope you have a nice day remembering your Dad tomorrow, we will be sharing stories with Louie about his Grandpa :)


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