Friday, 8 June 2012

meeting the family

Phoebe & Indigo playing playdough

Indigo bubble blowing in the rain before bed

Yesterday, for the first time ever, Mark visited my home in Leicestershire. It was the first time he met my family, and our friends. The above photos are Mark & Phoenix playing on the PS1 :)

Indigo bubble blowing in the kitchen

Last Saturday after the craft fair, I posted home 3 bear magnets for Indigo, Phoebe & Phoenix. They arrived yesterday much to their delight. The bears have found a home on the side of the fridge, and Mark said he spotted Indigo playing with them later on.

Me & Mark bought my mum three presents as she's treated us lately :) the first was a little wooden plaque saying 'a yummy mummy lives here' and the second arrived yesterday. Cath Kidston's 'Home Ideas' book, as mum is about to undertake a massive overhaul of our house and has been looking for some kind of 'decorating planner'. She loves it! The third is yet to arrive...

My wonderful friend, who used to be my manager, Suzanne came round in the afternoon with her son Curtis. It was lovely to see them both, and Suzanne came baring lovely flowers and chocolates! We ate delicious lemon cake that Willow baked :) Phoenix & Curtis hit it off straight away, and got down to some serious computer game playing!

Indigo insisted we had photos with all the bears she could find :)

But Indigo is going through a camera phase lately, and also wanted to be the one taking the photos! We negotiated that she would use the small camera (Mark's!) instead of the hefty Canon. She's getting very good, she can show you the pictures now.

Indigo & me blowing yet more bubbles outside, this time with an umbrella!!
Mark & Phoenix playing on Phoenix's DS!

Indigo feeding Fluffy a cracker

Mark feeding/stroking Fluffy! Fluffy was being a bit shy!

Mark & Mumma bear :)

Our dear family friends came round at 6pm for dinner with us. Lynn, Phil, Maxine & Bronwen all came for a delicious dinner made by mumma bear of jacket potato, new potatoes, salad, quiche, pizza, cheese & bread, mmm! It was lovely to see everyone, and great that Mark got to meet nearly everyone in one go! Still a few family members to meet, and a few friends.

Before Bronwen left, we helped her load up the car because today the twins, Indigo, Bronwen & Lynn all went on a little holiday! They've gone to the English coast until Sunday and it is the first time Indigo has been on holiday! Rennie has gone along, and hopefully we will get to see some lovely photos :) I hope they're having a fabulous time, and that it's not too wet and windy!

All in all, I had an amazing day with family and friends that I love very much. It was so nice to have Mark there too, and I'm glad that he's finally met everyone :) it was sad when 8.30pm came and it was time to leave. Lynn took us to the train station where we caught the 9pm train back to Liverpool. It was a quiet and on my part a little tearful journey! It's always hard to say goodbye! Mumma bear was texting me on the journey, and she said she thinks he fits right in, and that she doesn't say that lightly :) I'm so pleased everyone got on. Mark's brother Craig's girlfriend, Sam, was going through Liverpool on her way back home last night at around half 10, so we were very lucky and were able to have a lift back with Sam :) we were glad of not having to do the hour bus journey!! I hope you've all been enjoying your jubilee week!

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