Wednesday, 27 June 2012

birthday boy, bargains, birthday cake & nana's

Today is my fabulous boyfriend Mark's 22nd birthday :) we have had a lovely day celebrating it, and this post will be filled of photos of our day - including some new purchases and birthday cake! The above card, you probably can't see, but is addressed to "a wonderful Daddy"... and when Mark spotted that on the front of the card, you should have seen the look of panic flash across his face!! I was in stitches - the card was from Matisse, Munch & Rennie!!!! (the bears!).

Mark was treated by everyone, he had some lovely cards :) this one is from his mum and dad, who can't be here on the day. There is a photo of Mark on the card playing guitar - he received 3 guitar themed cards!

This was from mumma bear (my mum) - tickets for Mark & I to go and see Bon Iver on November 9th this year. A year since the exact date we saw him last year in Birmingham. We are very excited - thanks mumma bear! x

Mark's main present from me was this red PSP console and some games/films for it. He said it is very neat, and is very impressed with it! I'm pleased, he did ask for it, but I'm glad he likes it :) I am totally obsessed with LocoRoco - it is the funniest game ever, so if you get the opportunity, do try it!!

After my blood test this morning, Mark & I went into town and Mark spent some of his birthday money, and I some of my wages!!
Mark bought these lovely brown leather Firetrap high top trainers from TK Maxx - meant to be £65, in the Clearance for £22 - bargain!!

Raspberry Liquorice £1.79, Mini Marshmallow & Orange hot chocolate stir-in spoons £1.29 (all TK Maxx) - can't wait to try these stir-in hot chocolate spoons. The idea is to stir them into 200ml hot milk, but personally I fancy dipping it in a hot cup of tea and licking the chocolate block off the spoon (heaven!! for anyone else who has dipped chocolate in their tea like me).

I got this set of 3 animal books and stickers in Poundland - for £1 - what a bargain!! They look lovely, and Indigo will love them. This Cancer Research heart pin was from TK Maxx and is for Mark's nana, and I finally got around to getting some Wonka Bottle Caps. They were in game shop, for £1.49 and I'd seen a box for £5.99 in the American sweet shop. I remembered these from my childhood - but sadly they seem to have changed them. They aren't the hard boiled bottle cap sweets I expected - more like Refreshers now.

This is what I'd been looking for specifically today. I was in desperate need of a new hairbrush (TK Maxx £4 Clearance), and also some heat protection spray and dehumidifying spray (both Lee Stafford £1.99 each for 50ml, 3 for 2 at Boots). Does anyone else love the Foamburst shower gel?? It's my favourite shower gel - it smells so good! On offer for £2 at Asda.

Aside from my Epson black ink cartridge (£4.50 clearance, Asda), Mark bought all these games today. Mark was having a lucky day, as he found £5 on the floor, then when he bought these games they came to over £10 less than we'd thought. We realised later that we hadn't been charged for the Xbox game (Sonic Sega All Stars Racing).

Me with the birthday boy :)

Sorry for the low lighting of this photo, but I just wanted to show you this gorgeous Topshop feather kimono which I adopted from my mum's wardrobe. It's a delightful, chiffony, floaty like garment which makes you feel very feminine and delicate!

Mark & I did something we'd been meaning to for a while, we got passport booth photos - it was definitely a squeeze!!!

I baked Mark a lemon drizzle cake for his birthday, and I bought those relighting candles. Never again!! They were lethal!! We threw them in the sink to get them out in the end - it was quite funny afterwards! I sung for Mark :)

This is us down at nana's house with Craig (Mark's brother), who got Mark a very appreciated Mass Effect t-shirt.
We have had a lovely day, finished off with an Indian takeaway thanks to Mark's parents this evening (it was delicious, but we're both too full to think about food right now!!). I hope you've all had a lovely day - the return of the sunshine?! - hurray!!

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