Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I travelled home yesterday evening, and it is so lovely to be home and seeing my family and friends again :) it was nice to catch-up with Leah after her holiday in the sun! I am looking forward to the next few days of being at home, although I am missing Mark! I will be travelling back on Friday in time for work on Saturday. I'm sorry for the boring blog post today - and I will try and come back on later with a more interesting post :) it's harder to find the time out to blog when I'm at home as I'm just enjoying spending time with the people I love. As usual I came home with a selection of books for my little brother and sisters, and ended up reading Wibbly Pig and Peppa Pig to Indigo last night. Indigo was also the first to sample my new No 7 nail polish this morning before she left for playgroup, with gorgeous purpley-pink nails with gold polka dots on them... I will show you all later :)

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