Monday, 3 February 2014

OOTD: Green polka dot dress & Cinderela B

Bowler hat - Helene Berman via Ebay £7.50
Burgundy cable knit cardigan - Topshop gift
Green polka dot skater dress - River Island via ASOS gift (£22)
Super cosy black opaque tights - Primark £3
Leather Chelsea boots - TK Maxx £35
Half & half choker - Cinderela B via Steph of faiiint

Yesterday morning was a lazy Sunday morning; we sat in bed catching up with emails and playing with Rufus, who wanted to see us on one of his rare morning appearances. I wasn't in work and Mark wasn't in until 2pm, the sun was shining and we decided to go out and get some fresh air. We walked just a few steps from the house to the lane that leads to the Beacons, which is lovely.

This pretty dress was a Christmas gift from my mum, I'm pretty sure I saw it on someone's blog before Christmas and it had me at first sight (was it you?!). I love the crisp white collar and the little sleeves, the shape of the dress is lovely too. Surprisingly it was warm enough to not wear a coat, but thick tights and a cardigan were needed. I never wear a dress or skirt without tights anyway, my legs are that part of me that I don't like! I often find myself wishing dresses were that bit longer, but I'm not sure I'd find added length any more flattering on my legs - I wonder if wearing different coloured tights would help, because black is so defining & bold?

I'm quite fussy when it comes to jewellery, and this means that I buy less but I'm more careful in my choices. When I saw this Cinderela B necklace up for grabs on Steph's blog, I had to enter. I'm so lucky to have won the giveaway, I've found myself reaching for this necklace often. There's something about the delicate black agate in contrast with the chunky 22 carat gold chain that I just love. The first thing I thought was how versatile it would be, and it is. I love how the gold chain just peeks out from underneath my collar in this outfit and toughens it up a tiny bit. Cinderela B jewellery is handmade in Spitalfields, London and they have some beautiful Liberty fabric pieces.

How would you style this gorgeous necklace?

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  1. Love lazy Sundays, (or sundaze, as I like to call them), but unfortunately I have work on that day so I can never have a proper lie in. Glad you had a nice day, I love your outfit! The polka dots are so sweet and so YOU xx

  2. I really love your dress! That shade looks really lovely against your dark hair :) xxx

  3. Oh you cutie! So you look great in green, mama hannah did a good job. I always love your outfit posts, they are always so sweet and sincere. The necklace is a great idea too! "oh, I am not feeling the chain today", move it round and a completely new necklace. I need to get on this.

    This back drop is glorious too, in Scotland brick homes are a rarity, we have much more stone houses and I love brick houses. My dream house is brick. One day!

    Emma x

  4. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome - you look gorgeous here, love the polka dot dress!

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post! :D


  5. Cute! The green is a great colour on you - I think it's the hair colour :)

  6. I can see why you were so smitten with the dress! It's gorgeous, and so is the necklace

    xx Carina

  7. Oh yay! Well done for winning Steph's giveaway. The dress looks lovely on you too, so pretty.

    Tara x

  8. You look so lovely Hannah, I love these colours together! The necklace is so pretty, I think you've styled it perfectly. Here's hoping we get more weather like this, I'm bored of piling on the layers! xxx

  9. LOVE the dress! It is the perfect colour & polka dots are always a winner in my eyes xo

  10. You look absolutely perfect, I adore your style (you, lady, seriously rock a hat!) and not only am I the biggest fan of polka dots but green is my favourite colour!!

    And you are the best, as ever, when it comes to comments on my posts. I can never thank you enough - seeing your name in my inbox always makes me smile. I'm definitely not brave! I just enjoy meeting people and forging friendships and blogging (and tweeting!) offers me the biggest and bestest of opportunities! I never want to think to myself 'oh I wish I'd met so-and-so' or done this or that, so when a situation arises in which I can meet a lovely lady like Gemma, then I grab it with both hands!

    Oh, and your comment about the camera was overwhelmingly awesome, thank you! I'm so happy you liked my photographs, your comment warmed my heart; I took time and put effort into getting them right so it means a lot that they came across well! You're right in saying what you did about the book, it really is beautiful, and yes - USA next for me! I'd love to go to Canada so hopefully I'll warm the boy to that idea at some point in our lives together. After nearly 5 years he's just coming round to the idea of a trip to the US (specifically Colorado Rockies) so lets hope we get there!!

    Thank you again for all the time you put into your words, here and on my Tales :)

  11. Your outfit is perfect as always! The burgundy & green really look lovely together. Very jealous of the dress ^.^ Oh and how nice of Rufus to grace you with his presence in the morning haha! xo

  12. Congrats on winning that necklace, it's lovely! Love this outfit too, it is so something I'd wear :) xx

  13. What a lovely lovely lovely outfit, it's absolute perfection with the little bowler hat and the accessories! :)


  14. That dress is adorable!

  15. I love the colour mix you've got goin' on here lovely. You've always got such flawless style. I've pondered playing around with coloured tights too... maybe swapping for a black cardigan and burgundy tights! Eeek, change! Love a chunky gold chain too! V cute. xxx

  16. Hannah, what a gorgeous look! This is probably one of my favorite outfits you've ever worn :) The color of the dress & sweater just go so well together. The black tights look great as well but if you want to wear other colors maybe grey or navy? Also, what a pretty necklace- so cool that you won it! I'm so glad I finally got some chelsea boots because I wear them so much and they absolutely go with everything. And I love the background scenery- I bet everything is so beautiful and green right now (or always!) xxx

  17. In love with this, big time! Absolutely love how you've styled the dress perfectly with your hat <3

    My heart was broken when this sold out online haha.. that will show me for being too slow :/ Although I can't moan too much I guess as I have the dungaree version of this which I love but haven't gotten nearly enough wear out of yet!

    Very much lovin' your boots too :)

    Sophie xo soinspo

  18. I love this outfit & I'm so glad to see you're getting a lot of wear from the necklace too! :) That dress is so so beautiful on you, you really suit this colour. I'm totally with you on the always wearing tights thing too, I very rarely wear a dress with no tights unless it falls below my knees or longer, I've always hated my thighs & my legs are almost see-through they're so pale! With my new found love of hats I so wish bowlers suited me as much as they do you, it's the perfect finishing touch here!

  19. I wish I could just steal this whole outfit! It's gorgeous, I love the colour of the dress and the red cardigan goes so well. You can definitely pull off the hat to, I'm the kind of person that looks at hats and think ooo that will so good on me, until I try it on. They just don't suit me! boo :( x


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