Friday, 7 February 2014

Little Five Friday #3

Hello lovely readers, and what a lovely lot you are! Thank you so much to anyone who left a comment on my last blog post, I'm so lucky to have readers as wonderful as all of you :) and hello to my new followers, please come say hi and leave me your link so I can come and have a nosy at your blog too. Here's what I've been enjoying this week...

1. I never tire of seeing this furry little face! Rufus is our first pet as
grown ups, and we didn't imagine it would be possible to love him so much!
(We know most couples our age are saying this about their human babies!!)

2. I finally got around to clearing out my wardrobe and unpacking the bag of
clothes I took to mum's at Christmas! It's such a relief, and a few bits are
for sale here on Ebay, all ending on Sunday evening!

3. This lovely bunch of daffodils is currently brightening up the kitchen,
much needed when days have been as grey as they have lately!

4. This week I booked a Valentines surprise (two!) for March, for Mark.
I'm so excited to tell him next Friday what it is, I know he'll love it!

5. I love the Channel 4 series Coach Trip, it's so funny and they visit so
many interesting places. It's interesting when the group divides!

What have you been enjoying this week?

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  1. hello baby bear, I've just showed this post to Indigo, she loved seeing Rufus :) and asked me what Mark's valentine's surprise is...I've not told her because she might remember and let the cat out of the bag next week! missing you all loads love mumma bear xxx and indigo xxx

  2. Oooh Rufus. <3 I've been hiding from the rain and eating lots of chocolate! ;)

    Tara xo

  3. Rufus is my favourite selfie criminal of instagram. He knows he is pretty. You and Mark are actually making me sad, this valentines day I will be alone why my bf is in Paris without me. How, almost romantic! I hope you too have a wonderful day though, think of us lonely loves. Not on Valentines day, that would be depressing, but consider us after.

    Buying Daffodils marks the start of spring for me, so I get awfully excited! Have a lovely weekend Hannah!

    Emma x

  4. Daffodils, or flowers of any kind really are so wonderful in the early spring, where the grey weather outside needs a little brightening up. I love your little Rufus, I wish I had a pet :( Ebay clearouts are the best, don't you feel so at peace after getting rid of lots of stuff... Plus it means more space to buy new things ;) Have a great weekend!! xx

  5. Daffodils!!!!!!! Beautifully symbolic of spring time : ) You can't help but smile at the gorgeous fresh yellow!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend petal xxx

    Faded Windmills

  6. Rufus! Such a cutie. I love that it's daffodil season now, although I just had to throw mine out...must get some new ones! xxx

  7. Coach Trip is so hilarious and ridiculous! I haven't seen it in years though aha :) xxx

  8. awh rufus is such a cutie! ah i want to know what you have booked as a valentines surprise ha ha!

  9. I'm sure Mark will enjoy his surprise, do let us know what it is when it happens :)

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  10. aww Rufus! I really want some bright flowers now because of this post.

  11. Rufus is such a little cutie- I don't care what people say, pets are just as important as human babies, in my opinion- anything that's innocent/alive is worth loving unconditionally. :) Aw, I'm loving all the shoes you posted on your ebay shop but unfortunately, I wear a size 8 (US size, size 5 UK size) and I don't think you ship internationally? Aw, I hope you both have the most wonderful time on the Valentine's surprise- how exciting!! :) xxx

  12. You are the sweetest thing, booking a surprise for Valentine's. The boy and I have never celebrated or done anything (though I have bought him a couple of bits that, in all honesty, were wasted on him!) for it and this V-Day will be our 4th as a couple. Still, it's our 5 year Anniversary on March 9th, so it's probably best holding out the celebrations until then ;)

    Rufus makes me miss my own little hamster I had many many yonks ago called Charlie. He used to live with me in my bedroom until his night-time noises got a little too much for me!

    And Daffodils!! I can't wait to see them bloom outside, they are such a wonderful Spring-time symbol!



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