Friday, 28 February 2014

Little Five Friday #6

Good morning lovelies, we've woken up to sunshine here for the past few days and it's wonderful! There's a real feeling of Spring in the air and some days I've even swapped my boots for ballet flats! Mark & I have enjoyed two days off together this week, involving plenty of shopping and looking for home decor inspiration for when we move. Mark finally got his start date for the Royal Mail through, the 7th April - exciting!

1. A very indulgent box of Cadburys Milk Tray. It's still half eaten, mostly
because I don't like half of them haha. My favourite chocolates are always
the orange ones, how about you?

2. On Monday Wolf & Moon offered free shipping, so I snapped up another pair
of these gorgeous Little Hex studs. They arrived the next day and I wore them
for the first time yesterday - it's love! There are more colours at The Little Deer.

3. Do I even need to say anything?! Rufus features on my list of reasons to be
happy every single day!

4. No one does colour like Kate Spade! This iPhone case & supercalifragilipstick
are from TK Maxx at £12.99 and £9.99, what a bargain! The lipstick will probably
feature in an OOTD soon.

5. Last but not least, my new post of the week goes to Sam's heartwarming
100th Birthday post. Sam's Great Grandmother turned 100 - what a special day!

What was your favourite blog post this week?

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  1. My favourite are the orange too I think! And what a bargain you got with the Kate Spade items :) The phone case is soooo pretty! Also, bless you (and thank you) for sharing my post. I don't mind at all that you've used the picture - quite honored really! Congratulations again to Mark for his job, and your exciting house moving news. I can't wait to hear about how you are going to decorate your new house! xxx

  2. OMgosh. Rufus's princess bed. I wish there were more cute android phone cases in the world. Wow, I just read Sam's blog post - what an incredible lady! She looks fantastic.

    Tara xo

  3. I want a bed like Rufus haha! Congrats to Mark and his job, exciting times! I've been loving the sunshine too although it seems to have gotten gloomy Sam's post was really lovely xxx

  4. Rufus is the cutest! I wish I had an iPhone so I could have one of those lovely Kate Spade cases, I saw one with pencils on it and it was adorable. Cadburys Milk Tray <3

  5. ahh just checked out all the kate spade cases and wow. i had no idea they existed before, they're colourful and lovely. i did have to have a chuckle at that princess bed, so cute! well done to mark on his job and good luck for his starting date, i hope all goes well! i think i'm unusual in that i don't like the orange ones, they seem to be quite the favourite in my family! i'm a sucker for a fudge or praline, as long as it's not the horrid coconuts! and gorgeous earrings! x

  6. I usually find that the assorted chocolates don't have very many I like, haha- most tend to have coconut or weird marzipan inside. I usually just stick to a good old Snickers or a Reese bar. Though, the assorted ones are pretty!

    And those earrings are so lovely- sometimes I feel like I should go ahead and get my ears pierced but I just am not brave enough and have been without earrings so long, that I might feel weird wearing them more regularly. Though, at times, I wear clip ons for special occasions.

    And Rufus' princess bed- can't get over how cute that is! Does he actually sleep on it or is it more of a toy for him?

    And ahhh, Kate Spade. I need to check my local TJ Maxx (it seems very similar to TK Maxx) because they've been having more Kate Spade items. I had no idea about the lipstick though! And the name of it- whoa, that's totally something I would've named my lipstick if I ever had a makeup line, but apparently she's beat me to it! ;) xxx

  7. Those photographs are adorable! My favorite is the last one. I can't believe that sweet woman is 100 years old! It's amazing! She looks really wonderful and beautiful) I wish her many happy years more!

  8. Ahhh Rufus is very cute! Love love love the photos <3 xx

  9. That feeling of spring when it's easier to breathe, it's magical. And Rufus <3


  10. Such a gorgeous post! That box of Cadbury's just completely won me over. And then those Kate Spade goodies! And from TKMaxx as well, that's just amazing! :)



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