Sunday, 9 February 2014

OOTD: New hair & Blair Waldorf

Check headband - Burberry via Audrey
Half & half choker - Cinderela B via Steph of faiiint
Navy blazer - Zara via Barnardos charity shop £1.99
L/S top - Orla Kiely for Uniqlo around £14.90
Molotov Kenta skinny jeans - All Saints £85
Frankie flats - Sam Edelman Birthday gift
Gold & black leather chain bag - Vivienne Westwood via Ebay £102

Hello lovelies, I'm finally sharing my new hair with you! I had my hair done almost 5 weeks ago now, and I still love it just as much now as I did then. Me and my mum went to Paul Kavanagh Hair Studio nearby to where my mum lives. I've not had my hair salon coloured for many, many years, and I'm always reluctant to try someone new. Paul is a friend of the family, and my sister Willow's best friend's dad (did you get that?!).

On the whole I kept my hair my natural dark brown, and Paul put foils through the underneath - some caramel and some copper. It took a very long time (all day!!) and Paul was very precise, making sure everything was perfect and as we wanted it. He cut my hair too, and it's much more manageable now than before. I love it, it's exactly how I wanted it, colours and all! I love how subtle it is, but if I pin back the front section of my hair I can make it more noticeable.

I wore this lovely Burberry headband I won (thanks Audrey!), and loose straightener curls from the day before. I think this whole outfit has a Blair Waldorf feel to it - thanks mostly to the headband! How much of a bargain was this blazer?! In my local Barnardos, all clothes are £1.99 each!

Were you a Blair or Serena fan?
Don't forget my Ebay auctions end tonight!

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  1. Hannah, your hair looks beautiful! The caramels and coppers are simply gorgeous.. before I even realised this post was about your hair, I looked at the picture and thought 'wow, her hair looks amazing!' haha ;)
    And the blazer is definitely a bargain! Nice find - must admit, the only thing I can ever find in charity shops are cheap books/films but then again, I don't really look properly! I probably should! xx

  2. You look so beautiful. Gorgeous hair. Absolutely stunning my dear friend.

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, you're looking so pretty! I love the headband too, I think they're so cute but I just can't pull them off. What an amazing bargain your jacket was too! xxx

  4. This hair style really suits you well! I have been thinking to cut my hair, but again I always end up like "maybe..not now.." lol xx

  5. This is such a Blair outfit, I reckon she'd let you sit on the steps with her ;) I love the hairband, it looks so nice with your pretty new hair. The gold accents of your outfit are so nice as well! xx

  6. Oooh très Ms Waldorf!! Very preppy chic. Love the warm tones in your hair Hannah, looks super cute : )

    Faded Windmills

  7. Gorgeous! Really love the colors you chose. Really see the Blair Waldorf feel :)

  8. Beautiful new tresses Hannah- totally channeling Miss Waldorf in these shots xxx

  9. you look absolutely gorgeous hannah! i've never had my hair dyed professionally because i hate hairdressers and always want to get out of there as quickly as possible (all day, eek!) but when i see posts like this and seeing you have exactly the colour brown i've been aiming for forever, i think i need to address that! and how do you always manage to get such good charity shop bargains!

  10. Oh, you pretty little lady! I love your hair with these caramels in, it looks stunning and is unusual. The cut he did is lovely as well, it makes your hair look so full!- is it full of secrets?

    I was team blair all the way, she was far better at dressing! S was a bit too grungy for me.

    Emma xx

  11. You look beautiful, I love your new mane! I was always team Blair, Serena was overrated and boring. ;)

    Tara xo

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  13. You always look so classy and classic with your styling. So beautiful. Your hair is fab!! And I'm afraid I've only ever watched one episode of GG......I used to read the books though!!


  14. Hannah your new hair looks beautiful, I love how subtle the highlights are, just peeking out the bottom. I'm really picky with hairdressers too & always colour my hair at home myself, after having a bit of a disaster at a salon once - though I think when it's all one dark colour like mine a box colour is just as good as a professional colour! Love the preppy feel of this outfit & I can't get over what a steal that blazer was, it fits like it was made for you! :)

  15. Awh Hannah you're such a beauty. Your hair is lush! What a good job he did. That bag has just stolen my heart. xxx

  16. Your hair looks so lovely, definitely very Blair Waldorf with the headband :) xx

  17. I LOVE your hair - it looks really bouncy and healthy :) I really like the subtle copper shades too! xxx

  18. Your hair looks absolutely lovely! Love your outfit, too :) xx


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