Friday, 31 January 2014

Little Five Friday #2

Another week, another five! Hello lovelies, what have you been up to this week? On Thursday I went to the doctors and found out I have costochondritis again, which is a pain because there's nothing I can do about it. I also went for a kidney function blood test as recommended by my doctor after my ultrasound scan last week. My mum has snow down in the midlands, exciting stuff! I do love snow, but I wish it would come before Christmas instead of after. Expect snow pictures if we get any!

1. On Monday evening I went for my work's Christmas meal, also the last ever
meal with the team as it was! A new owner takes over on the 3rd, and I will miss
working with Hester as she's leaving.

2. I splurged badly this month, and I bought myself an erm, late Christmas
present?! I snapped this gorgeous leather queen Viv bag up on Ebay, and I love
it already. Now for a matching purse..!

3. So Weds night this happened... pass me the tissues ladies, June is going to
get emotional! If you haven't already, I highly recommend giving it a read
before the film comes out. To prepare yourself. I nearly cried at the trailer
(but I tried hard not to!).

4. Drinking Snapple reminds me of New York and oh my, it tastes good! Luckily
we only get a bottle when we go to the Cadbury shop in Cheshire Oaks, otherwise
it could be a sugary addiction!

5. I finally sent out some mail I had been meaning to send since Christmas! I
love sending and receiving post, and I still have more to send out soon.

Is TFIOS on your list of movies to see this year?

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  1. I definitely want to see TFIOS!! I enjoyed the book so much, I just hope that it doesn't disappoint. Also, that drink looks amazing ;) xxx

  2. I always get a Snapple when I go to Cheshire Oaks too aha! xxx

  3. I am loving this new series, Hannah! I will be praying for you regarding the health issues- hoping for the best, always. xx

    And I'm so jealous you get snow there! We've had the most summery "winter" here- it's been nearly 80 degrees most days. Not a fan of it, really. That bag is absolutely gorgeous!! You'll be getting so much good use out of it, I'm sure. I love bags that are that size and that one is so classy as well.

    I love the Snapple drinks as well but I agree, they could easily become a sugar addiction. I'm currently trying to hold back from eating lots of sugar but my chocolate addiction is ridiculous. Still, if it makes things any better, I don't really like any sweets EXCEPT for chocolate, haha.

    Snail mail is the best- I'm definitely trying to keep in touch with people that way more often this year. It's much more meaningful. xxx

  4. That Vivienne bag is just gorgeous! Love your picks, and you look super pretty in the top picture!


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