Sunday, 12 January 2014

25 by 25: The results

Hello lovelies, I'd like to start this post off by saying a very happy new year to you all! I hope it turns out to be a fabulous one, and that all of your hopes and dreams come true. Some of you might remember that last year my resolutions were made in the 25 by 25 format as can be found here. To start the year off I thought it'd be nice to reflect on those goals and how I got on, and whether or not there are any I want to carry over into 2014. I will do a separate blog post with my goals for this year :)

o1. Flying a kite was even more fun than I imagined! I can't wait to do it again on a blustery day.

o2. Illustrate things Indigo has said - this is one of the ones I didn't get round to but had plenty of good intentions for. I'd still like to do this, so I'm carrying it on into this year.

o3. Going back to the Lakes was wonderful! I highly recommend you go on an adventure there yourselves!

o4. Watch Perks on DVD - a great watch, not on a level with the book but pretty awesome nonetheless.

o5. See my friends more - I can never get enough of my friends, so I will always want to see them more. One of my beautiful best friends had a beautiful baby in 2013, Belle Hope. I can't wait to see more of all of my friends this year.

o6. Painting more made me feel really inspired. I'm determined to open my very own Etsy shop this year!

o7. Being more organised with studying really helped out when it came to my exam. I revised so hard, and my hard work paid off - I did really well! Back to studying in April, but I'm enjoying the break for now.

o8. Going on more adventures is something I want to do again this year. I loved every day trip and adventure, and have so many happy memories from this year - the Lakes, Harry Potter Studios, Welsh Mountain Zoo and more!

o9. Take more photos & have them printed - I ordered over 1000 photos this year, and made a good start into archiving some of my photos. I have another 500 credits to order this month, and will carry on until they're all printed out.

1o. Reading one book a month and many times more was something I really enjoyed. It was nice to pick up books again and not feel guilty for getting lost in another world for a few hours. This will definitely continue! Can you recommend any?

11. Baking cookies with the children at Lynn's house was messy but fun! We baked choc chip cookies, gingerbread shapes and even a Victoria sponge. Yum!

12. Going to the Welsh Mountain Zoo with bears was one of the best days of my life! I will do a full post on it soon because I never got round to it, but here is a sneaky peek..!

13. Date nights - we've definitely made more of a conscious effort to spend time together this last year. Lots of adventures and plenty of nights snuggled up after a takeaway watching a movie! Speaking of which..! Tonight involves visiting nana, an Indian takeaway and a Wes Anderson movie. Ahh, perfect!

14. Do something for charity - I did a couple of things but I'd like to do more. I tried to do a print in aid of charity, and I think this will be more successful when my Etsy page is up and running. I'd also love to do a skydive but not sure how I'd stand with my dodgy ears!

15. Visiting the Harry Potter studio tour was amazing!!!

16. Anonymous notes in random places - the second goal I didn't get round to, but would still love to do. I had an idea on this front, which I hope to put in place this year.

17. Keeping up my blog was hard at points this year, and I took little breaks here and there when I had too much on (like my exam!). I'd like to post more regularly this year, and start another new series or two like my Handmade Mondays of last year. I will continue HMM but more sporadically rather than every Monday. I love the blogging community and all of the lovely people whose blogs I read!

18. Getting a second tattoo is the third goal I didn't do! I do however know what my next one is going to be, so I'll be getting it soon hopefully.

19. Have a teddybear picnic - the fourth & last goal that I didn't complete. We did however put all of the bears in the back of the car one day and drove to Asda. We may have got some funny looks haha.

2o. Explore more - lots of exploring took place last year, and I look forward to much more both locally and far away.

21. Sitting in the park & watching the sunset was lovely! Mark and my mum, sister Willow, twins Phoebe & Phoenix and littlest sister Indigo went to the park to watch it.

22. Watching sunrise (& chasing the supermoon!) was a 4am adventure with my sister Willow.

23. Seeing more bands was awesome last year! We saw more than we expected to and a wider variety of music too.

24. Doing my hair more still proved tricky for me! I managed to do a few new things with it but last Tuesday I actually went and had it done..! More on that another day though!

25. Appreciating each person, moment & thing was definitely something I did in 2013 and will continue to do each and every year in the future. I try not to take anyone or anything for granted as every moment is fleeting and we have to make the most of it all.

Have you got a similar kind of list? I'd love to see it :)

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  1. This is such a great idea and I love the sentiment behind so many of these! It's a shame you didn't get them all done but so many of these can be carried over into every single year and its so so great to have these goals in mind! This post made me smile!
    Keep in touch
    Andrea xxx

  2. I should probably make this kind of list before I hit thirty...that gives me three years! xo

  3. Ahhhh I absolutely loved loved this post! You have done so many exciting things- I enjoyed following along and living through you this past year. It has been so fun! I can't wait for you to open your etsy shop- I'm so looking forward to it!! Also, I'm doing the same: trying to print out all my photos! I don't want to just keep them in my computer. I love having them in photo albums for people to see when they come visit. I also need to make it a point to buy more frames- I've been searching for the perfect frame to display your beautiful painting. You did really well with keeping up your blog and even the couple times when you took a short break, it made me miss and appreciate your blog even more and it was always a treat when you'd post- always will be! Lastly, I admire the fact that you've been reading so much. I've lost my love for reading at the moment. I have too many books for school and they're all very monotonous so when it comes to reading for leisure, I lose my desire. I know that once summer break comes around, I will be able to pick up a book for fun again, but til then, well, I will stick to reading blogs! :) xxx

  4. Happy new year! Sounds like you've had a lovely time attempting this. Keep on going, I wish I had your motivation! xx

  5. I may do this when I turn 20 this year.. 21 by 21? ;)
    As for books.. I recommend anything by Jodi Picoult! She has and always will be my favourite author! xx

  6. Oh gosh, I think I need to start a 30 by 30 list now I'm totally old haha. I want to go on more adventures and spend more time with friends this year. Belle Hope is adorable! :)

    Tara xo

  7. I love that you did nearly everything on your list, they were all such lovely things too! I feel like I want to start a 21 by 21 thing but I only have until April haha! xxx

  8. Loved this post Hannah & so pleased you managed to do almost all of them, such an achievement! :) I need to do something similar to this to get myself motivated, there are so many things I want to do & I always tell myself I'll get around to it, but never do! This is a great way of making even the little things you want to do seem more important & urgent I think :) Also, an Etsy shop sounds exciting!

  9. I don't want to be reminded of time passing, other than that I could have a list like this.


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, the comment went a bit doo-lally the first time around!!

      Hannah, I think you did amazingly well with the amount you managed to achieve and accomplish from this list over the past year - you should most definitely be proud of yourself and you very much deserve the biggest of self-pats-on-the-back one could give oneself (lol, bit of a mouthful!) for doing so. I find the post really inspiring and am encouraged to have a go at writing my own list for when I turn 30 next (as in, 2015’s November) - it’s a scary thought, the fact I'm going to be turning 30 in less than 2 years, but I think having goals such as the one’s you set to focus on would make for an easier transition from 29 to 30! It’s always nice to be able to say you've achieved something (as you have), so thank you for sharing!! I also love the fact that you included a mixture of bigger (such as going on more adventures - I’d say that’s certainly easier said than done so well done you for doing so!) goals and smaller ones (such as watching Perks - I wasn't actually a fan of the book, and it seems I'm the only person ever to have said that!, so the film doesn't appeal!), because it certainly makes reaching and crossing off certain goals feel all that more achievable! Also, thank you for including links to the posts in which you spoke about the goals you've reached - it gave me a chance to catch up on the ones I missed the first time around :)

      And might I just say that I wish you were on Twitter too!! As soon as I read your, frankly remarkable, comment on my post earlier I headed straight over and tweeted this - Thank you again, so much, for your support.


  11. This is a lovely post, definitely might try this for my 21st! It looks like you've gone to so many places this year, I really want to go to the Harry Potter Studios!
    Definitely try have a teddy bear picnic this year, I loved them when I was little. I actually had one this year when me and my friend were drunk after a night out, sooo random but hilarious in the morning :')
    Charlotte xxx

  12. Well done on completing so many of your goals! I did one last year and didn't do half as well, I've just written my 24 before 24 one recently, and you've slightly inspired me to try harder this year, and one of mine this year is to go to the Harry Potter Studio tour, I have a gift voucher so all I have to do now is book and I'm already so excited!



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