Tuesday, 30 October 2012

playing in the leaves & loving Autumn

Today, camera in hand, Mark & I walked down into the village to take some snaps of some lovely arty things in the village. These will be put up here very soon :) here are some photos Mark took of me playing in the leaves. I love Autumn, it is by far my favourite season!! And we got to the leaves in the village just in time, because a man with a van was hot on our tails scooping away all the gorgeous leaves into the back of his truck!!

Have you been making the most of Autumn? I was inspired by Heidi's post with that gorgeous picture of her throwing leaves up into the air - our attempts were much more messy!!! And quite a few leaves got stuck to my jacket!


  1. Thanks for the mention Hannah! I love how the two photos at the bottom link up! Looking beautiful as always!

  2. love the leaves <33 the colours are lovely and i can tell how crunchy they are under your feet :)
    random but, love the jeans! they suit you a lot.
    i followed you. :)


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