Tuesday, 11 March 2014

OOTD: Shopping in Maison Scotch

Dusky pink & black wool biker Maison Scotch via TK Maxx £30.00 sale
Love is the new black sweater Maison Scotch via Ebay around £30
Dreams scarf All Saints Christmas gift
Oversized tote bag Luella Birthday gift
Molotov Kenta jeans All Saints £75.00
Felicia ballet flats Sam Edelman via Brand Alley £35.00
Little Hex earrings Wolf & Moon £12.00
Love bracelet The Little Deer Welcome gift

Hello dear readers, I've been a little bit absent over the last week but I'm slowly making my way through all of my favourite reads. This is an outfit I wore to go shopping in Liverpool, there's a little bit of a love theme going on! This Maison Scotch jumper is my favourite, it has buttons up the back adding something a bit special. The pretty little bracelet was sent to me by The Little Deer when I became a part of their Blogger Programme. It's so delicate and feminine, not something I'd have picked for myself but a lovely addition to my outfit.

Sam Edelman makes the best ballet flats, this is my second pair and I'm in love. They're so comfortable, and I've had my first pair for over a year and they have hardly any signs of wear. If you're looking for the perfect ballet flat, I'd definitely give Sam Edelman a go.

What's your favourite sweater/hoodie like?
I'm lusting after a new one from Zoe Karssen!

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  1. Hannah that jacket is sooooooo cute! Perfect colour combination! The blush pink colour is so flattering, and combined with the black it really packs a punch : )

    Sweet bracelet too!!

    Gem x
    Faded Windmills

  2. That's such a cute little coat! Love the whole outfit, you have such a great style :) xx

  3. I have so much love for this outfit xx

  4. I love your jumper and the little bracelet reminds me of that key ring in the Sex and the City film haha. I want a Zoe Karssen sweat too, the bat one! xxx

  5. Love this! It's such a classy look. The love bracelet is so pretty.

    Lindsey. x

  6. sam edelman boots/shoes are quite comfortable, I've never had a problem with a pair, can wear them for hours! love your leopard print outfit & chic shopping outfit!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  7. So many bargains! I love both of those Maison Scotch goodies, especially that sweater - you always look really lovely. My fave sweaters are Wildfox!

    Tara xo

  8. Ahh that jacket is just all kinds of amazing! I'm loving the contrasting colours *_*


  9. Hannah! I've missed being able to comment on your posts (school has been ridiculous but I'm finally on a short break). I'm in love with this outfit, that jacket is just perfect on you! The color was made for you. It looks super comfy as well. I also adore the bracelet you received- it's so delicate and classy.And I definitely need some Sam Edelman flats in my life (at TJ Maxx, there's been several pairs of Sam E. shoes that I've loved but unfortunately they haven't had my size).

    P.S. The Naked 2 palette is beautiful but not practical for me. While I love the colors (I play it safe with makeup, too), I feel like my skills are lacking and it's kind of pointless for me to attempt any looks especially when I'm in a hurry. And some of the shades tend to be a bit too glittery (some have just the right amount of shimmer but a few actually have glitter). Also, I wish the palette was just a bit smaller so I could fit it into my everyday bag.

    PPS. I can't remember if I told you or not but I received your super lovely letter a while ago and have been waiting for when I have enough time to reply properly. Don't worry, you'll be hearing from me when you least expect it! :) xxxx


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