Thursday, 31 October 2013

OOTD: Tartan layering

Bowler hat - Helene Berman Ebay £7.50
Zip back top - Zara via Ebay around £6
Burgundy pencil skirt - Topshop via charity shop £2.99
Super cosy black opaque tights - Primark £3
Check shawl - Matalan £8 with discount code
Leather Chelsea boots - TK Maxx £34.99

Happy Halloween lovelies! I know my outfit posts are few and far between, but I'm often a lazy dresser! I'm also unhappy with my hair at the moment, I thought having a cut would help but I still dislike it! I just don't know what to do with it and end up wearing it tied up all the time. I'm thinking of having it dyed or having a fringe or something, I'm just indecisive!

I don't wear many colours generally, so this burgundy pencil skirt is unusual for me. I couldn't resist it at this price in the charity shop though! I like how it looks with the oversized Zara top over it, and the zip detailing down the back of the top makes it less plain. This is one of my favourite tops, I have a polkadot one too. The sleeves are fitted but the body is oversized - my favourite! With the pencil skirt being obviously fitted, I knew I'd need to wear something oversized on my top half as I'm quite body conscious and prefer to layer up and more importantly cover up!

Speaking of cover ups, how gorgeous is this check shawl from Matalan? I saw this over on Charissa's blog, and when I realised it was just £10 knew I had to have it. Luckily for me, there was 20% off when I ordered, and free delivery to store - bargain! It really is like a big tartan blanket, that's shaped to fit around the back of your neck and to go over your arms. It's so comfortable and warm, and I can't wait to get more wear out of it this season.

It was lust at first sight between me and my Chelsea boots. On our trip back to the Lakes, we popped into Lancaster town for a spot of shopping. I'd been searching for the perfect pair of leather Chelsea boots that fit well for a long time. I first saw these in brown and said to Mark 'these would be perfect in black'... and on the next shelf there they were! One pair of black leather Chelsea boots in my exact size - 6 and a half. It was meant to be!

Have you got any Halloween plans? Mark & I are going to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (which Mark has never seen!!!) and carve our own pumpkins together for the first time.

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  1. Loving the tartan touch!


  2. Oooh boy, that shawl is nooooice! Really like your black chelsea boots too, I need to get a pair.

    P.S LOVE that film. ;)

    Tara xo

  3. I love your outfit! Very cosy and autumnal, and I love the fit of the skirt.
    I don't know, I absolutely love your dark locks. I can imagine you with a fringe though! xx

  4. You got that skirt from a charity shop? What a find! Love this look

    Holly |

  5. How gorgeous is that shawl? <3 Your Halloween plans sound lovely. Me & the boyfriend are going to watch some scary films too I think :-)

    Sophie xox soinspo

  6. I love love LOVE this shawl!! I am a big fan of wrapping scarves etc around me but never thought of using something this size - it's fab!

    I've never seen 'Nightmare' either so thinking I might try and watch it tonight! Either that or live vicariously through other people's Halloween's!

  7. Wow, you look gorgeous! I adore your shawl, it's just perfect for this season! xxx

  8. I love those boots! I know exactly what you mean about your hair, I almost chopped it all off once that's how frustrated I got. I finally got a cut and colored it dark and it's so much more manageable. Was thinking of getting bangs (fringe:)) too but whenever I do, I regret it after only a week! :) You look great!

    Paula xxx
    My beauty & lifestyle blog

  9. I plan on avoiding all scary movies and the front door as I am in on my own this halloween and I'm a huge wimp, ha ha! Love the shawl and hat, you look great :) xx

  10. Such a stylish outfit! You look so good in hats! And that tartan shawl looks sooo cozy! I'm the same way- my outfit posts aren't very frequent because I tend to wear jeans and sweaters a lot these days and also, I'm having the exact same issue with my hair! I used to ALWAYS wear my hair down up until I got into college and since then I have worn it up all the time- not good at all. I even feel self-conscious now when I wear it down, like I'm drawing too much attention to myself. It's so weird!

    P.S. I've never seen the Nightmare Before Christmas, either! haha xxx

  11. Stylish outfit, I love your taste in clothes.

  12. I love your check shawl. It's such a bargain!

  13. Fabulous layering.
    The shawl makes all the difference
    so much pizzazz was added to the outfit.

  14. I love layering clothes. That's one of the best things about the cold weather. Looks like you got some great pieces for really good prices.

  15. Well I think your hair looks lovely, it's always so shiny! I always love that hat on you and I really want that shawl, looks so cosy! Your shoes are perfect too, I love how they were just meant to be haha! xxx

  16. I LOVE that shawl, I was talking to a friend the other day about how I wish I could find some nice tartan pieces as I'd love to mix some in & this is the exact kind of colour I had in mind. Not too bright, or red, nice & dark. I think your hair looks lovely as it is, but I know what you mean, I spent ages growing mine out & now I feel like a change... Oh dear! Hope you had a nice Halloween! :)

  17. I always think your hair looks so pretty! But I think it you want a fringe you should go for it, we can be hair twins :) The outfit is amazing too, I especially love your black top & of course the shawl! xo


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