Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Giveaway winners!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Dear lovely readers, I am so happy to announce the winners of my giveaway!
I'll be getting in touch with all of the winners via email a week today (after my exam!) to talk about your prizes, so you could start thinking about which pictures you'll send to me and what clothes etc you'd like to be wearing in your illustration :)

1. Josie

2. Samantha

3. Victoria

Congratulations girls!! I couldn't have chosen three lovelier ladies myself, I love reading each of their blogs - please do click through and check them out. Happy October everyone, I'll be back tomorrow with some photos from one of my recent adventures!

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  1. Oh thank you!! This is such a lovely surprise and has really cheered me up :) xxx

  2. Oh wow, thank you Hannah! What a lovely surprise! xxx

  3. Oh my goodness!! I was so pleasantly surprised to see my name on there. I'm beyond excited to be able to finally get one of your lovely paintings. I can't wait! Yay!! :) Xxx


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