Monday, 4 November 2013

Handmade Mondays #2: Ohh Deer

Hi lovelies, I hope you don't mind but this week for Handmade Monday, I'm cheekily featuring my own design on a
cushion competition that ends today on Ohh Deer. Ohh Deer is a wonderful website full of artsy products, and I've
quite a few things that are on the website. My particular favourites are two cushions by Sandra Dieckmann. Oh, guess
what one features? You got it, a bear! I'll definitely be featuring Ohh Deer again on Handmade Mondays, but for now...

01. dear Suzy, dear Sam... by yours truly
The first design is a full sized illustration of Suzy Bishop & Sam Shakusky, as originally drawn and painted in watercolour
by myself. These cushions are absolutely gorgeous, as I said before I own two already. The quality is fantastic, they're
Vegan and the back is made from super soft faux suede, with a fibre insert. They measure 43x43cm and are machine washable.

02. Suzy, Sam, Suzy, Sam by yours truly
This cushion is the same again, but there are multiple Suzy and Sams! What more could adventure loving folk want than the
best adventurers themselves on a cushion?!

If you love Moonrise Kingdom, or your friend/partner loves Moonrise Kingdom and you'd like to buy one of these cushions, you must act quickly! They are available for one week only, the shop closes 11th November.

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  1. Such a cute and quirky design Hannah, you are SO super-talented!!

  2. So cute! You're so talented! xx

  3. I love your watercolour! Those cushions would make a lovely Christmas gift, I'm going to check them out! xx

  4. These are SO sweet Hannah, you're so talented. I love Moonrise Kingdom, I wish I wasn't so poor right now (darn vet bills!) xxx

  5. Aww wow, beautiful illustrations <3

    Sophie xox

  6. You are so talented, Hannah! These cushions look amazing - you should be proud! xxx

  7. Oh my! How creative!


  8. This is amazing-you are so talented :) I love your designs and it's so cool that they are on this website-congrats!

  9. This is just simply amazing! :)


  10. Those designs are beautiful, so jealous of your creativity :)

    Paula xxx
    My beauty & lifestyle blog

  11. This seriously made me so happy to see your beautiful illustrations on these pillows.:) Such a gorgeous idea, and I see they are still for sale...if funds allow, I will most definitely be making a sneaky little purchase! xxx

  12. You talented lady, you! I am loving the recent blog posts, which showcases your talent. I loved the leafy crown you made, and I really like seeing your work on homeware. Definitely looking forward to see more like this. Proud of you, Hannah! :-) xxx


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