Monday, 25 November 2013

Handmade Mondays #5: Ohh Deer

Hello lovelies, I can't believe another week has passed already. It's edging closer and closer to Christmas! Has anyone started/finished their Christmas shopping yet? I'm almost finished! I hope these little Handmade Mondays might provide you with some gift inspiration (even if that gift is to yourself!). This week's Handmade Monday is featuring Ohh Deer, an artist collective currently working with 35 illustrators across the globe. Ohh Deer is full of quirky illustrated gifts, clothing, homeware & more.

01. Fox Tree Phone Case by Sandra Dieckmann
Sandra Dieckmann is one of my favourite artists, her work is beautiful and her Huntress work is one of my favourites. I'm
sure you won't be surprised when you see that her work is full of bears and other animals. This phone case is available for
a variety of phones, and would definitely make me smile if I saw it every time I picked up my phone. I actually already own
an A3 print of the Fox Tree (and maybe a few Sandra cushions..!). The details are so intricate, I notice something new
whenever I look at this print.

02. Forest Friends Women's T-Shirt by Kris Tate
Kris Tate's designs are recognisable for her bold use of colour, which often remind me of the patterns in a kaleidoscope. I
love the shapes and patterns she uses, and of course the animals. I love this design, which is almost symmetrical but not
quite. The patterns Kris adds to the animals faces and fur add something very unique to her designs, and they look
particularly fabulous on the t-shirts and jumpers I think.

03. Bear Necklace by Black Bear / White Bear
There are so many amazing bear related products on Ohh Deer that it was hard to pick just one, but this is my favourite and
I love, love, love it! Does it get any better than wearing a bear on a necklace? It does! This bear necklace is hand carved and so
each one is completely unique. You can choose beech or teak wood, and a leather cord or sterling silver chain. Best of all, he
comes with a little leather pouch and a hand printed blanket so you can tuck him in and keep him warm at night.

04. Christmas Cards by Jamie Mitchell
Jamie is the co-founder of Ohh Deer, along with Mark Callaby. As I mentioned before, Christmas is sneaking up on us! What
better way to celebrate than by sending out these awesomely illustrated cards by Jamie Mitchell. You get 9 in a pack, 3 of
each design. Animals wearing clothes!! I know my sister Willow really loves Bob the polar bear with his woolly hat on. You
can find Jamie's designs on all manner of items, and again his designs are very distinctive of his style. If you like Grumpy
Cat, you should definitely check out Jamie's Grumpy Cat design.

05. Lights Out Cushion by Jamie Mitchell
Another wonderful design by Jamie Mitchell, and this one is my favourite of his designs. I ordered a greeting card with Lights
Out on just so I could stick it above my desk to admire. I love everything about this design, from the dark to light gradient of the
circle to the fact that the foxes are interacting with one another via string. The foxes' fur reminds me of waves which just makes
me love it even more if that were possible.

I can foresee my own house being filled with Ohh Deer products, is there anything you'd like?

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  1. What gorgeous items! This has definitely given me some much needed inspiration - haven't started Christmas shopping at all yet! xxx

  2. Well done for almost finishing your christmas shopping- I've made lists, but haven't properly started yet... I have lots of friends having birthdays in December, so I'm focussing on them first. Love these designs, the t shirt is so nice xx

  3. I love it all! Anything with an animal on it is alrite with me haha, I think my favourites are the Christmas cards...too cute! xxx

  4. So many pretty things!
    And your blog!!!!! SO pretty!

    I just wanted to let you know that the Bear Bottle Opener featured on my blog is actually in stock here.. AND free delivery!


  5. These are such lovely things!

    I just found your blog and love it. Really makes me want to get back into watercolour painting, it has been far too long

    xx Carina

  6. Ooo I like these picks!
    My favourite is the tshirt and the cushion.


  7. I read this yesterday, but forgot to leave a message. I am guilty of that lately! I read blogs off my phone (on-the-go!) and then forgot to come back to comment when I am on the laptop! I look forward to your Handmade Monday feature, supporting indie shops was a big thing on blogs a couple of years ago, and not many people do it anymore. :-( Those cards are so cute, i love the red panda one! xxx

  8. I looove this post. I think the phone case is my favorite. But that pillow is really tempting! I've just found your blog from the comments section of Katie's blog (thegravityandshe) and I really love it! So I followed :) I checked out Ohh Deer and I just loved all the stuff. I like products highlighting illustrators!

  9. Handmade gifts are always the best.

  10. Very cute as always, no.4 is just too adorable xox

    Sophie |soinspo

  11. I've been a fan of Ohh Dear for a while now & I love, love the fox cushion! I've had my eye on it for a while! I love Sandra Dieckmann's work too, such a unique style & I love all the little details she puts into her pieces.

  12. if there are any animals, i'm imediately in love <3

  13. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't come across Ohh Deer before...I love all of these but especially the bear necklace!

  14. As you know, I love these posts! :) I can't get enough of handmade things. I always love your picks- they're so pretty. I especially love those cards! Makes me feel like sending out Christmas cards again this year. I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping- thankfully I don't have a lot of people that I have to buy for (I say thankfully because I can't afford much right now as a student but I would love to have more people in my life that I could buy for) xxx


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