Thursday, 21 November 2013

OOTD: Trusty old tartan dress

Bowler hat - Helene Berman Ebay £7.50
Tartan dress - Primark (about 5 years ago) £11 ish
Oversized coat - Warehouse £30 in the sale
Super cosy black opaque tights - Primark £3
Daffodil pin - Marie Curie a donation
Honey fox brooch - Tatty Devine (gift from Mark) £35
Leather Chelsea boots - TK Maxx £35

Hello lovely readers, I'm back again with another tartan OOTD! I bought this tartan dress from Primark over five years ago for something silly like £11. I loved it at the time and I still love it now, I think it's so versatile. I even wore it on a night out once (that statement just led to Facebook night out album reminiscing!). It has a cowl style neck which is not usually something I like, but it just sits right on this dress especially if I pair it with a chunky black jumper.

Despite having bought it 5 years ago, I'm one of those lucky ones whose weight doesn't seem to change much. The only thing I will say is that the arms are definitely a bit tighter and more restrictive, but other than that it's still perfect with the nipped in waist and flared out skirt.

I was tempted by this year's tartan Primark offerings, but realised I probably didn't need to buy another one as I don't wear dresses all that often. I've seen some lovely OOTDs featuring tartan lately. This OOTD was actually a couple of weeks ago - when the weather wasn't as bitter as it is now and I could step outside bare armed without them falling off!!

Have any of you snapped up a tartan dress this season?

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  1. Some of the old Primark dresses were the best! Love this one x

  2. You look so cute Hannah, I just look really silly in tartan dresses! Or maybe I just feel silly in them because they're all my mum used to dress me in when I was small and I don't want to feel like a child again haha! I'm still loving that hat on you and your coat is gorgeous, what a bargain! xxx

  3. Great dress! This is the first year I have bought tartan, which I got in Primark, the dress everyone is raving about at the moment that one! I love it, think it's going to be my Christmas day dress! Karys x

  4. You look amazing in this! I wish I could pull off tartan like you can. I was also tempted by Primark's tartan dress this year but after trying it on, I realised I simply look like a teenage school girl - not the look I am going for ;) xxx

  5. Such a lovely dress - the colours are great! Also, that is a great hat! :)

  6. So cute! Love the outfit as always, tartan really suits you. I'm amazed that a Primark dress has lasted that long, it's so nice as well... xx

  7. Love the pairing of the dress with your oversized coat, so perfect :) xo

  8. I love everything about this outfit - stunning! xxx

  9. This is such a pretty look on you! How cool that you bought it so long ago and now tartan is totally on trend again! Somehow it seems that only British girls can pull this look off really stylishly. I've yet to see an American girl who wears it well. I used to have a tartan skirt when I was about 13 and I bought it for the very reason of looking as stylish as someone from the UK. I didn't succeed in that though, haha...looking back at old photos, I look crazy weird but I have to give myself credit for at least trying to look "cool"!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, you look fabulous in hats! :)

    I'm the same way with weight, thankfully. I've recently gained about 12lbs since high school and it's only recently that I had noticed I wasn't quite fitting into old clothes as well as before. But now with school and a more active life, I'm definitely sure I can get back to being healthy and fit. It's so easy for me to gobble up every chocolate dessert around but I'm forcing myself to cut back and I'm actually succeeding. Good thing, too, because I like to wear my clothes for as long as possible :) xxx

  10. That's cool; you were definitely ahead of time, trend wise ;) Tartan is so cute and this gorgeous dress is no exception! <3

    Just to let you know have nominated you for a sunshine award over on my blog!

    Sophie xo soinspo

  11. You look lovely! Your dress and your hat and boots go so well together. Good thing you kept that dress! xx

  12. Hannah, I adore the fit of this dress on you, such a classic style and print. The overall outfit is fantastic, gorgeous pieces and you seriously know how to rock a hat! Plus your skin looks absolutely flawless, you truly are such a beauty. Inside and out :) xx

  13. Hannah, I adore the fit of this dress on you, such a classic style and print. The overall outfit is fantastic, gorgeous pieces and you seriously know how to rock a hat! Plus your skin looks absolutely flawless, you truly are such a beauty. Inside and out :) xx

  14. Aw baby! You look so cute. Please inflict more outfit posts on your man, yours are always so lovely! That dress is a great plaid! Good print and good shape. Tori above is so right about your skin, I need your skin care routine. Mine looks no-way near as flawless and beautiful. Stay pretty Hannah!

    Emma x

  15. love your chelsea boots, so pretty!

    Tanesha x

  16. This outfit is gorgeous Hannah, I especially love the coat! Such a bargain too! The dress is lovely as well, and such a good fit! I have a few pieces from Primark & similar places that were so ridiculously cheap & I still wear them & love them all these years later too. I think you can find really great pieces there from time to time :)


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