Friday, 8 November 2013

OOTD: Autumn leaf crown

Blue velvet smock dress - tba via Ebay around £50 I think
Autumn leaf crown - handmade (string 50p from Wilkinsons)

It's officially Autumn, now that I've been out and collected lovely golden leaves :) Mark & I have spent the past two days at home at my mum's. A few of us used to have a weekly craft night, and the organiser Lynn decided that we were going to have one again this Thursday, at my mum's. I used this opportunity to finally get around to making this gorgeous leaf crown, which I am absolutely in love with! I only had an hour at craft night as I spent a couple of hours with my best friends afterwards last night, giving baby girl gifts to my best friend who is due later this month (very exciting stuff!).

For this reason, I did half of my leaf crown last night & half this morning. I picked these leaves up from the green over the road from my mum's, you can see that some of the leaves are a bit crunchy and curled up today. It definitely would have been better if I'd have made and modeled the crown in the same day, but I don't love it any less!

I'm going to attempt a bit of a 'how to' for my leaf crown, including my inspirations and where I took the idea from. It will be up next week and I will link it here then too :)

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  1. Aaw, you did a lovely job on your crown! You look like an Autumn princess. xxx

  2. I'm in love with the look of your velvet smock dress. I'm craving some slouchy velvet- in Toast they had a similar dress to yours that was a shift shape. I really like your crown as well- the commenter above is right, you DO look like an autumn princess! xx

  3. The crown looks absolutely fantastic, well done you! The smock is gorgeous, so perfect for you, and your make up (and eyebrows, OH your eyebrows!) looks flawless, as ever! xx

  4. This is amazing! You look absolutely beautiful (as always). Would love to see a how to post! xxx

  5. Ahh that's exciting baby news! I haven't seen my best friend's bubba for months and months, been too long for sure. I love your crown, way more original than the floral ones! xxx

  6. Ahh, this is too pretty, Hannah! I love it! And how exciting that your friend is having a baby! I would love to know someone who is or has a baby just so I can buy pretty gifts :) xx

  7. It is nice to see something different from the done-to-death floral crown. I love a floral crown, but i'm so happy to see something new! xxx

  8. Such a cool idea, crown of autumn leaf!
    The dress is so beautiful and you look adorable <3
    Great blog, now following for sure :3

    SHE WALKS Blog

  9. What a wonderful idea, and you're rocking it :-) Also very much in love with the beaut velvet dress xo

    Sophie soinspo

  10. Hannah, this is gorgeous! So much more original than the floral ones that are everywhere, and I actually like that some of the leaves are crunchy & curled, it gives it a more rustic kind of look! As I've said before too, this dress is just beautiful on you too! :)

  11. Aww this is so cute and you look gorgeous! :)
    Love the dress too, I love wearing velvet when it gets to A/W!


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