Sunday, 2 September 2012

vice versas and penultimate assignment

Just a quick one tonight lovely readers, and hello to my new followers!! I have reached 25 followers, and whilst to some that may not seem many, I never thought I'd reach 25 followers! So I've decided that if I can double my current amount of followers (50, dare I even think!), then I will do the blog done thing and have a giveaway :)

I am currently mid-assignment, and it is my final assignment before my final assignment on this course. I've just taken a break to watch Coronation Street on plus 1, eat spaghetti bolognese, and say hello here :)

The above pictures are as follows: the secret project I have been working on, Vice Versas that my sister Zenobia sent me in the post (does anyone remember these?!) which are just as tasty as I remember, and my latest addition from Indigo on the right :) hope you've all enjoyed your weekend! I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow afternoon to have my earpiece fitted so we will see if that works!!

Edit: Assignment complete & submitted, phew!!


  1. good luck with your hospital appointment hope it goes well, and ps those vice versas look DELISH =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  2. Sorry only just got round to replying to your question about the mint green iPhone case and replied to you :)
    Those vice versas look so yummy!

  3. Hope the hospital appointment goes well! Lovely blog and your sweets are making me hungry!

    Gemma x


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