Monday, 3 September 2012

a hearing aid & a busy day

Hello there :) this picture sums up today pretty well!! The most important part to note, I think, being that little device on the bottom left. It has been a very busy day, we were up and out by 8.20am to pop into town, I worked 12 - 2 and had the hospital at 3.30pm. Since then we've had dinner, tidied up, and are now chilling out with Coronation Street on +1 before we put the above film on. 'In Time' was recommended to us by my brother and his girlfriend (Josh and Gemma) so looking forward to seeing what it's like... have you seen it??

My hospital appointment today was to have my 'ear piece' fitted, which I had the mold made for last time. Unfortunately, despite having this little device, it doesn't help me at all. I am frustrated to say the least, as the lady who dealt with me didn't listen to me (ironic??) when I tried to tell her so. So I have this fascinating little thing, and I even have a black velvet box for it. Which, sadly, is where it will be staying!

As well as In Style magazine (which has Clinique freebies this month & is £2.50 in Tesco only), I picked up some bits in town this morning. It was mostly things for my mum, as the twins are going camping soon and needed some essentials. But this gorgeous cushion, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw, was just £4 from Primark - barg!! They had a lovely starry bedding set in the window, but sod's law we couldn't find it anywhere in the shop. The other things pictured are also Primark, 3 pairs of floral socks for £1, a bear necklace for 50p (how cute!), and a pair of Ultra Soft Super Skinny jeans in bottle green. These jeans are supposedly meant to be the equivalent of Topshop's Leigh jeans - I picked these up for my mum but I'm tempted myself! Has anyone got any?? Are they really that good? :)


  1. Aw it looks pinky? bring it home tomorrow cos we all want to see you modelling it woo :)
    looking forward to my ultrasoft skinnies tho i wont be trying them on for a few days (have had to undo my button and zip!) love love love the bear necklace, that must be a meant to be purchase :) can't wait til your home tomorrow woo woo love you loads mumma bear xxx

  2. That must be frustrating to have an ear piece you can't wear. That lady should be a better listener next time. Hope it goes better for you next time. x

    That pillow cushion you bought is super cool! You're always finding cool stuff!


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