Tuesday, 4 December 2012

some birthday snaps

the most wonderful birthday weekend, getting to my mum's house late on Friday evening with Mark, seeing mum, Willow, Phoebe, Phoenix & Indigo, seeing Fluffy the house rabbit, snuggling up on the sofa to watch tv, waking up early on Saturday morning (my 24th birthday!!), getting into bed with Mark for a birthday snuggle, getting out of bed and heading downstairs much to Indigo's delight as this meant present time, having a mass of cards (even more than in the picture!) from all my fabulous friends & family, homemade cards from my brother and sisters (the best kind!), getting lots of presents, Indigo helping me open the presents, and actually opening most of them, Oysho cat mittens, a snuggly pom pom scarf, Kurt Halsey's 'works on paper', Kurt Halsey cards, Liberty Hello Kitty notes, cute notebooks, a new pink toothbrush, a lovely photo frame, bear cookie cutters, Sam Edelman Frankie ballet shoes, chocolates, make-up, the new Deftones album, a necklace, a moon top, a Dior 'H' pin, Tatty Devine fox brooch, a snuggly fox brooch, thick snuggly knitted socks, a manicure set, nail polishes, delicious smelling soap, shower goodies, a voucher, an illuminated compact mirror, a lovely tin, and last but not least MY NEW CAMERA!!! the Nikon J1 with 10-30mm lens + 30-110mm lens, plus the 10mm pancake lens :), being ridiculously spoilt!

spending the rest of the day putting up the Christmas tree (it's tradition for it to go up on my birthday, and it was my dad's job, nobody else was allowed to touch it!!!), Mark untangling all the lights that somehow end up in a tangled mess each year, listening to a random but lovely playlist, hanging on all the decorations the kids made, adding chocolates to the tree once it was finished, being proud and pleased when it was all done, seeing my best friend Leah for an hour, getting home to more presents and friends and family, everyone having dinner with us (spaghetti bolognese - my favourite! - and jacket potatoes for the not-so-keen), birthday cake homemade by my little sister Willow - delicious, chocolate millionaire's cheesecake, Bailey's cream, watching the final I'm A Celeb and being glad Charlie won, X Factor, eating more cake, leaving Mark alone to watch Match of the Day whilst we all went up to bed, waking up and eating birthday cake for breakfast, doing the ironing for mumma bear, realising there were no trains on Sunday we could use our £46 returns for, still being glad we were staying another night, Sunday flying by, lots of jobs getting done, Chinese takeaway for dinner, watching Dragons Den, bed time, leaving at 8am Monday morning to catch a bus to catch two trains to catch a bus to be back on the Wirral for work at 1pm!


  1. What an amazing birthday! I love the Tatty Devine broach and WOW what a spoilt lady with that lovely camera!
    Hope you had a fabulous day, you surely deserve it :)

  2. Glad you had such a fab birthday! Looks like you got some lovely gifts, but best of all you got to spend some real quality time with your family xxx

  3. I love that Tatty Devine brooch! Foxes are my favourite!
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  4. What a lovely birthday! And you lucky duck with that camera! Although to be honest I'm more jealous of those bear cookie cutters they are adorable!

  5. Ohh, what a lovely day this looks like - hope you had lots of birthday fun :) X

  6. I hope you had a lovely birthday! So jealous of your Tatty Divine brooch! xo


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