Sunday, 23 December 2012

getting crafty with salt dough

milkybar yogurts, reindeers, making salt dough, bear cookie cutters, heart cookie cutters, getting messy hands, rolling out the dough, pressing down the cookie cutters, pulling away the edges, cooking them, waiting for them to cool, getting some old paints out, making the shapes look pretty, Indigo decorating a heart for her best friend Isobel, all of us going to Lynn's house for a crafty salt dough afternoon on Saturday, Jenna with Riley & baby Matilda, lots of Tilly cuddles, Phoenix, Ty and Joe playing on their DS's, Phoebe, Indigo & I getting crafty with Jenna & Riley, waiting for a long time for them to cook, eating homemade vanilla ice cream and cola slush, eventually painting some of our creations and bringing the rest home, mark's visit Weds-Thurs, receiving all my gifts from Mark & his family, a delicious roast pork dinner made by mumma bear, Mark having to carry back just as many gifts from me to him, mum & I accompanying Mark to the train station then doing a little shopping in Nuneaton, a dizzy turn for the last couple of days (please go away by Christmas), watching Avengers with mum, Zenobia & Willow, eating Twiglets, watching Four Christmas's, doing OU work this morning, watching the Borrowers and enjoying the rest of Sunday in a very lazy, PJ clad fashion :)


  1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my blog :) I really appreciate it. I use watercolour and fine-liners to do my illustrations, I don't work well with computers but I am saving up for a tablet so I could have a go at illustrating on a computer. Hopefully once I make a screen I'll be able to print them onto t shirts which would be pretty exciting!

  2. Looks like you had a perfect day! Indigo is adorable and that dinner looks so yummy! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Hannah xxx


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