Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve, some painting & new boots

Happy Christmas eve lovely people :) I hope you've all been enjoying the festive season! At my mum's house we have been enjoying it very much, eating lots of delicious food and watching countless movies :) today we had a roast dinner with cider soaked ham, oh it was soo good!!! Followed by chocolate cheesecake with Baileys cream - can't beat it! These are just a few snaps from the last week - Indigo ready for her playgroup party, doesn't she look cute in her party dress? Then opening her present from Santa at the party - it was a big puzzle. Next up are two paintings I did for my little sister Willow, which she gifted to the two friends with her in the pictures. Last but not least, a pair of boots I ordered a little while ago from Brand Alley, but have only just got around to wearing. They are BullBoxer boots, but I can't remember the exact name of them. I fell in love!!! I think they're absolutely beautiful, from the gorgeous colour of the brushed suede to the studs and stars they're adorned with. They were probably a whole size too big (I'm an awkward half size, so always order up) so I've had to pad them out with two pairs of insoles and very thick socks. I just couldn't bare to part with them :) I'm very excited to see what Christmas brings. But something I'm even more excited about is for everyone to open the gifts I got them. I love giving gifts, finding something I hope someone will love! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas, whatever you're doing for it :)
Merry Christmas!!! xxx


  1. I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I loveeee those boots, the stars are so pretty. I feel your pain, I'm a half size too it's so awkward! xxx

  2. Those boots are hotttttttttt xx

  3. Love the boots and those pictures are adorable! xo


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