Friday, 20 December 2013

My 25th birthday gifts

Hello lovely and loyal readers, thank you for coming back after I disappeared on you again! I've come back with a post of my wonderful and very thoughtful birthday gifts. I've been ill again in the last week, with some kind of Wintery bug where all I wanted to do was sleep to avoid feeling so bad. I'm much better now, but I do have to go for an ultrasound scan of my kidneys and bladder in January. The hospital actually wanted me to go in on Christmas eve for my colonoscopy, because my doctor said it was urgent, but I soon told them that wasn't possible! I'm home at my mum's now for Christmas (except a little trip to meet Mark in Liverpool on Saturday, because erm, I miss him already!). It's lovely to be able to see family & friends, and have cuddles with baby Belle.

♥ Happy birthday to my nephew McKenzie! ♥

I received so many lovely birthday cards that I had to share them! I'd like to thank anyone who send me a card, present, or birthday wishes :) it's much appreciated, I loved every single one!

My main gift from my mum was this beautiful Cosmic La Sardina Lomography camera and some films - I can't wait to try it out! I love the night sky so the pattern on this camera is perfect. Mark's gifts came in this artsy paintbrush covered bag which I am totally in love with! He was really thoughtful with his labels this year and wrote down postcodes of places we've been together - such as W1D 2DH, which was The Astoria in London (now closed) where we met for the very first time at Neverender in 2008 (even though we never spoke then!). I also received Gemma Correll's What I Wore Today book, a Paperchase voucher, bubble bath, a Luella lookbook, an Orla Kiely folder and lots of chocolate!

I got the cute Harrods bear pen & teddy bear from Mark's mum and dad (how sweet!) and the floral 'capture the moment' mug from my mumma (fitting with the camera don't you think!). Family friends Lynn and family got me the gorgeous silver bear trinket box, it's so special! I don't know what to put in there yet but I love just looking at it. I also received the beautiful silver and swarovski crystal feather brooch from my family, and the gorgeous bear necklace I wanted in this Handmade Mondays post from Mark.

I received these two absolutely beautiful prints (that I did choose myself, oops!) and a mini print in a necklace. I will share more about the artist here with you after Christmas in a Handmade Monday :) Mark also got me these super sweet Oysho pjs and socks - bears and embroidered clouds and raindrops!!! What more could a girl want..!

I was extremely, ridiculously, amazingly spoilt! My wonderful boyfriend got me this gorgeous, buttery soft leather Luella bag and I couldn't feel any luckier than I already do. It is my third Luella bag now, I got a pink Gisele from my mum for my 21st birthday, and Mark got me the tan Sandhurst luggage bag the Christmas before last. It's safe to say I'm in love! Considering Luella ceased trading a good while ago now, I've been lucky and managed to get bags in perfect, new/as new, condition. I love all of my presents so much and couldn't have chosen better myself :)

Have you got a favourite brand/label that you can't get enough of?

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  1. Oh wow, you are very loved :) These are such lovely gifts, and the cards are gorgeous!

    xx Carina

    1. Thank you for the amazing post, I will be awaiting for your next post
      Happy Birthday Memes

  2. Happy belated birthday! These presents are all so nice, you have such thoughtful and kind friends/family. Love the bag! xx

  3. Belated Birthday wishes sweetie xx

  4. I love the adorable prints you chose - they are so sweet :) Yes, the Luella bag is stunning too! You certainly got some lovely, thoughtful and sweet presents! <3 xxx

  5. You got such lovely things! Hope you had a nice day! :)
    I tagged you to do the Christmas Cracker tag on my blog. :)

  6. Oh wow you lucky lady! You got such lovely, thoughtful gifts, everything is so 'you' and I gotta admit I'm very jealous of your Luella bag family! Glad you're feeling better, that's great news for Christmas. Hope all of your hospital things go well, scans and all that are no fun at all xxx

  7. woooooooo here u got gift's blast.. super cute.. lovely gifts. u r so lucky..

  8. Oh, you got so many lovely presents, you were definitely a very spoiled girl! :) I love that they all are so thoughtful too, often my aunts/uncles .etc just get me something from Lush cos they have no idea what to buy for me! The Luella bag is so beautiful, I can't believe you can still find pieces in such good condition! Love the Oysho pjs/socks too, I came across that brand when I was in Barcelona & wished at the time I'd brought more stuff when I was there. So glad to see they now ship to the UK! :)

  9. Ahh Happy belated birthday, beautiful girl! :) I didn't know your birthday was around this time! Mine is next month already! Your gifts are so, so perfect and so YOU. I literally love everything you received. And omg, I think I've told you this already but I've been so in love with Luella's designs since the first time I saw them at my local Target store back in 2006, I believe. I'm sad that she doesn't have her own line anymore (or does she?).

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday and as always, I'm thinking of you and wishing you well on health-related issues. And I hope very much that the winter bug has gone away and that you're feeling okay again. xxx

  10. What an amazing collection presents! You deserve to be spoilt, hope you had a great day :)

    Love Zoe x

  11. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.


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