Monday, 23 December 2013

Handmade Mondays #7: The Little Deer

Hello lovelies, are you all feeling very festive?! Two more sleeps until Christmas :) this week I'm going to show you some
gorgeous things from The Little Deer. The Little Deer support independent brands like the ones we've seen throughout this
series, concentrating on brands with individuality, that have fun experimenting whilst creating. They stock a gorgeous
array of clothing as well as a variety of other items, and want to encourage you to dress exactly how you feel.

01. Electro Jellyfish Notebook by Nikki Strange
I always find something so fascinating about jellyfish, the way they move and look. I actually saw a real life jellyfish last
week when I visited an aquatic shop with my friend. This daydreamer's notebook features a gorgeous interpretation of
jellyfish in beautiful colours. It's printed on recycled paper, and has 36 A5 plain pages. Any stationery lover like me will
know that which type of paper it is in a notebook is of the utmost importance when purchasing!

02. Patchwork Skirt in Black by Loela
I'm really drawn to this skirt for the shapes of the woven patterned inserts and the prints. I love polka dots and the back of
this skirt is done in the same black & white polka dot fabric as the front. I can imagine Emma of A Highland Fling wearing
this skirt, it has a boho vibe about it and would look lovely with Emma's gorgeous curls!

03. Lucky White Rabbit Ring by And Mary
I've fallen in love with this and the Brown Rabbit Ring, aren't they just the cutest thing you've ever seen? And Mary have a
selection of beautifully hand painted porcelain rings on The Little Deer, and they're all equally as detailed and sweet.
Porcelain is such a wonderful material, and used in such a unique way to create these rings that could almost be little

04. Moon and Stars Oversize T-shirtby Me & Yu
I'm not usually one for purple but with the speckled bleach effect and the white print, I really like this t-shirt. It reminds
me of all the galaxy print things and has a scoop neckline and is a lovely big oversize fit. Slouchy t-shirts are the best for
days in the house or running errands! I love what the words say - I am you and you are me and we are all each other.

05. Hamster Pocket Mirror by Sophie Parker
Last but not least, my favourite of all is this hamster mirror. I'm missing my little baby hamster Rufus because I'm at my
mum's for Christmas, and I can't resist anything hamster-related! This hamster print is so quirky with the tattoos, and I
think Mark would like the hand drawn hamster illustration too.

Is there anything that's caught your eye? There are so many more fabulous items on The Little Deer than the few I've featured, so do have a browse :)

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  1. I love a good browse on The Little Deer! Gorgeous x

  2. Oh my goodness those porcelain rings are too cute!

  3. Oh wow I've never been on this website before, thanks for introducing me to it! I'm also in love with the little hamster mirror, and the rabbit ring is so beautiful xxx


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