Monday, 9 December 2013

Handmade Mondays #6: Mama San

Hello lovely readers, it's so nice to be back and with a wonderful Handmade Monday feature to share with you all. Mama San
is an online shop trading in all things kitsch and cute! They are supporters of independent designers and illustrators, and something this feature has hopefully shown us is that handmade and independent is as good as (definitely better!) than
mass produced. Knowing that I'm supporting an artist/designer/creator when I buy something from an independent shop,
to whom my purchase might make all the difference, makes me happy.

01. David Bowie Brooch by andsmile
I've just noticed that this cute little brooch is sold out on Mama San, but no fear there is still one for sale on the andsmile
Etsy shop
. Each brooch is hand drawn on shrink plastic which means you get a unique piece from anyone else. My mum
is a Bowie fan, I think this is a great little present to adorn any Bowie lovers jacket or bag.

02. My Pug Mug by Gemma Correll x Mama San exclusive
I've turned to Gemma Correll's animal related goods a lot lately when it comes to present buying, her quirky illustrated
wares are perfect for any animal lover. I personally can't get enough of my copy of A Cat's Life and would love to read A
Dog's Life too (which I bought for a friend's birthday present last month!). This pug mug is exclusive to Mama San and
says 'My Pug Mug' on the other side. Could you say no to those puppy dog eyes?!

03. Insect Shard Drop Earrings
I seem to reference Suzy Bishop a lot these days, but I still like to think that she'd love these earrings nearly as much as
her little beetle ones. The emerald green stone at the top against the pastel pink drop is perfect for this season - Christmas
green and Winter pastels all in one go!

04. Fox Ring
This sweet little foxy ring is also hand drawn onto plastic with love. The detailing on this little fox is wonderful and so
in depth. Ever since I fell in love with Fantastic Mr Fox (first as the book when I was a child, later as the film which had
me in stitches!) I can't resist foxy goodies. Does anyone else do that? Find themselves obsessing over certain objects/animals
/films etc? Mr Fox really is a fantastic character indeed.

05. Peter Pan Collar in blue
Despite my love of the peter pan collar, and the fact that these types of collars are everywhere, I still don't own one. This
particular one has me converted, as has the gold version. The dandelion print of the vintage inspired printed cotton is
my favourite, so beautiful and dainty. Blue isn't usually a colour I wear either, but this shade is particularly lovely. The
reverse is white canvas and you can wear it either way as it's reversible, which is pretty nifty. The collar ties with a lovely
black ribbon to complement any outfit you choose to wear it with.

Which item on Mama San is your favourite? :) I've still got lots of blog-reading-catching-up to do, but this weekend was spent celebrating my mumma bear's 45th birthday! This is such a hectic time of year in my family with still more birthdays to come!

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  1. that really is the sweetest shop! x

  2. That collar is adorable :) I'm a sucker for all things cute, really love all their pug products!

  3. Thank you for sharing! What a lovely little shop. I adore the tea set brooch and kitty lockets.

  4. Ahhh, so many cute things! I think my favourite is the pug mug, look at his little face. By the way I used the illustration you did for me in my new header, hope you don't mind! Given you credit for it, of course :) xxx

  5. You always add too many lovely things so my wallet is empty straight after checking your monday posts haha <3 so in love *__*

  6. I am with you on the Susie B love. I love anything insect related. It's a bit weird actually! Still loving these posts, keep them up please!

    Emma x

  7. one of my friends is totally obsessed with all things foxy, I bet if I tell her about that ring she'll hunt it down wherever on the planet it may be, haha!
    I'm giving away a hand drawn bag on my blog, would you like to enter? It's not about foxes, but cats which is pretty close, haha.



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