Monday, 29 April 2013

OOTN: tba Effie Dress

Effie dress by tba via Ebay £37.25
Gold spike necklace from Dorothy Perkins sale
Super cosy black opaque tights by Primark £3
Nails painted in Red Gelly by Barry M at Boots £3.99

This is outfit I wore on the night of seeing Daughter a week ago. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to wear a recent Ebay bargain - this beautiful silk Effie dress by tba. I have been lusting after this dress from the moment I set eyes on it and became a woman obsessed! I checked Ebay's newly listed regularly, until it finally popped up in my size. This is the third tba dress I have owned, and it doesn't disappoint. One thing I will say about it, is that the velvet doesn't feel as heavy as I'd have liked it - maybe this is because it's silk? - leading to some unfortunate moments when the wind felt like dancing with it! That aside, I felt wonderful wearing it and really love it. I wanted to keep it pretty simple and opted to wear opaque black tights (it is freezing don't you know) and my gold spike necklace, to give my girly dress a bit more edge. Although you can't see, I played it safe with footwear in my black suede brogue creepers, so as not to have aching feet by the end of the night. Is anyone else loving the Gelly paint by Barry M? It's such a gorgeous finish! I only gave my nails one coat of this colour and they looked amazing - best red polish I've ever had!


  1. ooh what I find, I often scan Ebay for TBA but never manage to find something affordable! this looks great x

  2. this top is amazing!!!

  3. Beeeeeeyoootiful! You look so pretty Hannah! I'm obsessed with the Gelly paints too, so good xxx

  4. Lovely outfit!
    Katie xx

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting :)
    Your dress is super cute, I love it. Am now following and looking forward to getting to know you better.


  6. This dress is lovely and you look so pretty. I keep meaning to get some of the Barry M Gelly nail paints but still haven't! :) xx

  7. That dress is gorgeous! All your waiting was definitely worth it, especially at that price! I have so many things on my eBay watch list that I keep checking for & hoping will pop up in my size too. I got the 'papaya' one of those polishes in a goodie bag & love it too, I'm not usually one for painting my nails, but it's such a pretty colour & lovely finish, I'll definitely be getting some of the other colours! :)

  8. Pretty dress!I love the lacy detail of the top.
    Great photos too :)
    xx M

    The Marcy Stop

  9. You look absolutely beautiful, Hannah! The dress is so lovely and feminine. xx

    Sometimes I wish we had Dorothy Perkins, Primark and Barry M nail polish here but then I think it wouldn't feel as special when I'd visit the UK, you know? It's nice to be able to go to another place and experience different shops/products. :)

  10. I love TBA and I love this dress on you Hannah. I bet it is you that keeps outbidding me on eBay for TBA items!

    Em x


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