Wednesday, 10 April 2013

my little space

An unexpected gift, and some serious study procrastinating led to an upheaval of my desk on Sunday! This is the before photo on my Instagram, and these are the photos taken during/after. The photos are as follows...

1. A gift from Sandra (thank you so much!) to match our new galaxy print bed covers, 2. One of my bear cups (totally unwashable, but storage for various tablets), 3. Putting a mason jar to use as a new washi tape storage solution, 4. Juicy Lucy love notes, 5. My vintage teacup used for paint water, 5. My besties and my lover in a sweet Ikea frame, 6. & 7. My special photo purse with photos of my dad inside, 8. My trusty old favourite paints, 9. Our memory jar - mason jar complete with post-it notes handy to write little things about the day, 10. How Mark & I met card, 11. Mason jars, cloud stickers & bear postcard from Paperchase, my paints in their case, 11. Belle & Boo postcards from Paperchase and one from the lovely Heidi, 12. & 13. My whole desk! including a pretty bird printed tin from dear friend Lynn, the vintage lace doilie which was my great grandma's, my Marie Curie daffodil pin, a jar of pens & paintbrushes, my unseen but definitely there Luis Suarez coaster from Mark!!, and The Fault In Our Stars which my sister Willow gave me to read and I haven't done yet!

Does anyone else love organising and re-organising things? I love my little space :)


  1. You need to read it hannah, it's my favourite book e v e r ! xx

  2. Love your little space! :) That mug with the bears!!!

    Also, how are you liking that book? I've been curious about John Green but I have yet to read any of his work.

  3. oh my deer <3 this is like a dreamland <3

  4. I love posts like these, all your little knick knacks are so cute! The story of how you and Mark met is especially adorable, sounded like it was fate! xxx

  5. Oh my gosh Hannah your desk is lovely. I love posts like these - I wish I loved organising my desk as much... it's a bit of a heap :( xxx

  6. Aw, this is such a pretty work space! I love all your little special touches you have in your room. I especially love the tea cup with your painting of a bear on it- I wish you sold those in your shop! You should start an etsy shop with all your creations :)

    P.S. You've totally inspired me to try my hand at water coloring again- I've always enjoyed painting and I think it'll make me feel good to start again once school work quiets down. xxx

  7. I love "organization" posts, and your Mark and Hannah card is so cute!! :)



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