Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rachael's giveaway prize

Hello lovelies, have you all been enjoying the snow if you've had it? If not I hope you've been making the most of not being freezing cold!! I was in work all day yesterday, trudged there in the deep snow and had a handful of customers all day. But my lovely work colleague had left some gossip magazines for me, so it wasn't all bad!

Today we've definitely made the most of the snow though, Mark, Sandra & I got ourselves ready this morning and headed out to the Beacons to play in the snow. More on that tomorrow..! I thought I'd just pop and do a little blog post tonight, as I spotted that Rachael had posted on her blog about the illustration she won in my giveaway earlier this month. If you pop over to Rachael's blog, you can see more detailed photos. I'm so glad that Rachael likes it :) I just wanted to remind everyone that there's 15% off custom illustrations in my shop until April 1st. This means that for an illustration like Rachael's, it's just £6.80 at the moment plus P&P.


  1. I love your illustrations, you are so talented! I saw Rachael's post about the giveaway, hoping to buy one before April 1st! :) xx

  2. Wow you are so talented! I am really impressed! By any chance, do you do custom illustrations of people?

    Btw you should definitely try the red velvet cake, it is delishh :)

  3. Awww, that's such a cute illustration! We don't have any snow here :(

    The Style Rawr - UK Fashion and Style Blog

  4. Ohhh… ABSOlutely amazing illustration dear!!!And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!

    *Check out my blog to discover the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century--- I’ll be waiting for you!!! (We could followed each other by GFC, Bloglovin’ or Facebook)

    Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn | The Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century

  5. Awww... Enjoy the snow! (Even though I think it should be sunshiney and warm!) ;-)


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