Wednesday, 27 March 2013

day trip: the Beacons pt 2

...a very playful dog running by us, waiting for it's owner to follow, going into the woods and seeing the dog sitting waiting for another dog he'd seen to come and play, realising the owners of the other dog must think we owned the dog, branches everywhere, getting my hair caught on twigs, ducking and jumping under and over, a photograph together smile!, pretty little yellow flowers covered in ice and snow, careful of the thorns, a lost autumn leaf on the snow, missing autumn, Tatty Devine fox brooch and Marie Curie daffodil pin, getting back to the beginning again and being big kids, Sandra & I deciding to make snow angels, how do we get down without making holes in the snow?!, just DROP!, Mark telling us to carry on as he was taking a photo, Mark telling me my wings weren't big enough, struggling to move my arms in the thick snow, realising Mark was taking a video of us and we'd been lying in the snow for far too long, easing ourselves up, wet bums!, Sandra & I together after our snow angel making, heading to our favourite coffee shop, hot drinks all round - two hot chocolates and a latte, cakes and scones, toffee crisp cake, warming ourselves but getting the leather seats wet with our snowy bums, a lovely afternoon spent feeling young again, and a little visit to nana's before going home for tea.

Mark & I have headed home Tuesday night to my mum's, until Friday night, as I have a jam-packed two days of hospital appointments including more balance testing (no chocolate for me until Thursday night, sob!). I might not manage to post until the weekend so I have scheduled the rest of these photos :) hope you're all having a lovely week.


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  2. The snow is crazy! Love your eyebrows here too! Hope the hospital went ok and that you get to stuff ya face with chocolate xxx


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