Sunday, 15 June 2014

Remembering on Father's Day 2014

"This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realisation, it's the sound
of the unlocking and the lift away... Your love will be, safe with me"

This is my dad and I one month before he passed away, in 2009. The photo is tinged with sadness, you can see my dad's stoma which he was left with after a tracheostomy which was supposed to save his life being taken from laryngeal cancer. My dad was very poorly, and the thought of what he went through still and always will make me extremely sad. That's the reality of cancer, which is something so many people are afraid to talk about. It's so difficult to understand until you experience the effects of it, or someone close to you does. I had never heard of laryngeal cancer, but I'm all too familiar with the symptoms now.

On the other hand, the photo makes me happy. It's one of the last handful of times we all went out as a family, with our friends to a lovely local park. We had a bit of a picnic, we played in the park and we enjoyed time together. My dad took photos, and appeared in them too. Being the photographer, it's often the case that there might not be a photo of my dad from an event where only he took photos. This has made me more snap happy, and I would encourage everyone to take photos of every happy moment!

My dad was a get up and do things kind of guy, get out there and live life to the full. If he had his camera with him (as he often did) and he saw a bird he'd been tracking down, he'd stop the car and stand by the road to capture it. No matter if it held him up, he always made time for the little things, and for everyone. Through the hazy sadness, I search for these memories and I'm happy. I'm happy to have known such a wonderful man, and so privileged and happy that he was my dad.

So here's to my dad, I love you.

To all those other dads that were taken too soon, to those dads you're still making memories with and to those dads we miss - you're the best. Appreciate those you love, and make time for the little things.

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  1. Great post <3 Full of heart and soul

  2. This is really beautiful, Hannah, and I'm so grateful you took the time - and had the strength - to share this photo, and your wonderful words. Thank you, dear friend.


  3. This is a lovely post Hannah. The photo is absolutely beautiful and I'm glad your Dad has influenced you to take more photos - it's something you can do to remind yourself of him when you're feeling alone, I'm sure. He will be proud to have a daughter like you xxx

  4. I am so sorry about your dad, this post is beautiful

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  5. This is a beautiful post Hannah, so sad but also really lovely too. Your dad sounded like a wonderful man, it's so nice that you take photos because of his influence...I'm sure that would make him super happy! I'm glad you have all of those happy memories to hold in your heart, there are so many parents out there that are useless. Sending lots of love <3 xxx

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Aaw, Hannah - this is a beautiful dedication to your dad. I'm sure he'd be very proud of you! Great dads are often overlooked I think, so this was refreshing to read <3 I'm glad that you can look at this photo and feel some happiness because of the special moments you both shared. xxx

  7. Aww Hannah this brought tears to my eyes, what a beautifully touching post. <3 Your treasured photo speaks volumes; your Dad looks so incredibly proud of you, and it's clear you both meant the world to each other xo

    Your Dad sounds like such an amazing man, and as Carly said, this is such a beautiful dedication to him xo

    With lots of love

    Sophie | soinspo

  8. What a lovely post Hannah! It made me tear up a little, so touching. I love the story of him stopping the car to photograph a bird, even if it held him up, I think that's something we should all make more of an effort to do, appreciate those little things, everyone is in such a hurry these days that we miss so much of the the beauty around us & those little moments. I bet your dad be so proud of you :)


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