Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Little Five Friday #11 (late!)

Hello again wonderful readers, I haven't half missed blogging and catching up with you all lately. It's been a hectic time, Mark and I made the big move on Sunday. It's taking some adjusting and some settling in, but I think we're getting there. Mark started his new job as a postman yesterday, and I've got myself a little job in the local paper shop to get us by for now. My next OU course started last weekend too, so I've got lots of organising and studying to do! Next job on the list... clearing out my old wardrobe here ready for my mountain of clothes!

1. We went to Knowsley safari park and it was amazing! I couldn't recommend
it enough, and will be doing a post with all the photos soon.

2. I started watching the BBC series Hair, and I'm loving it! I didn't know
what it was about when I saw the adverts, but now I'm totally hooked. Have you
been watching? Who's your favourite?

3. It was my first Mother's Day as Rufus's momma and he (Mark!!) spoilt me!
They got me a beautiful big bunch of daffodils and this pretty card. Which
Rufus promptly nibbled on for me!

4. Last week I met Sam of All I Know Now for some shopping in Liverpool. There
was definitely cake involved! It was so lovely to meet Sam and to put a face to the
name (so to speak!). It was the first time I've ever met a blogger, I was nervous
but I had a fab day and hope to see Sam again! Check out her blog post here.

5. Saturday just gone was my last day at work. It was sad to know I wouldn't be
working there again, with the lovely people I work with. I was very spoilt with
cards, chocolates, vouchers and more - I'm so lucky to have met & worked with
such wonderful people and I'm going to miss them all!! Even the customers!!

6. Sunday was of course moving day. Fitting everything in the car was a task,
and we've still left things behind. I left most of my clothes as we're visiting
soon, so we'll bring more then! Unpacking was worse than packing!! Finding
space for all of our things hasn't been easy, but it's slowly getting there.

Please bear with me whilst I'm catching up, things will get back to normal soon :)

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  1. Oh I'm so glad the move has gone well! I have been thinking about you (and will message you soon to see how you are getting on!). Also, congrats on the new job - and finding it so quickly! That's pretty amazing.
    We will definitely have to meet again, I had such a wonderful time with such a lovely lady :) xxx

  2. I hope you all settle in soon! How exciting. I love that Rufus spoiled you. ;)

    Tara xo

  3. You are the absolute sweetest - the fact you made time to do this proves exactly why! I hope your first few days have been ok for you and that you are both getting on well with the unpacking!! Big hugs to you because I know moving, under any given situation, is no easy task. Thinking of you and sending lots of love xxx

  4. Hurray!!! Congratulations on the move : ) Next step for you chaps, exciting stuff.

    Really pleased to hear you're both off to a flying start with work and settling in. If I can offer any advice, it would simply be take your time. No rushing. Things will begin to fall into place. (If only I listened to my own words! Hihi!)

    Good luck with your studying : )

    Faded Windmills

  5. Ahhh i have that exact bird Wade whimsy! so cute. congratulations on your move :) xx

  6. Sounds like the move went well and things are coming together! I love Knowsley safari park!

    Corinne x

  7. Knowsley! I haven't been there in so many years but I'm sure I enjoyed it when I was little! I don't think my dad was so keen aha (his car!). xxx

  8. ahh so excited for you!

  9. I really really wanna go to the safari park! :D xx

  10. I hope you get settled in soon, I hate unpacking too, whenever I go on holiday my suitcase sits in the corner for weeks afterwards! Ha. Ollie always gets me things 'from Nico' for birthdays, christmas .etc too, silly boys! Though I'm not complaining about getting more presents! ;)
    Looking forward to your safari park post, I haven't been to one in ages & I really want to go again!

  11. Yay! A safari post! I can't wait. Did you see any bears? I love your little ceramic bear and bird. I hope your unpacking is going well, there is nothing like making somewhere new feel like home.

    Emma x

  12. I have too many things to say about this post so I'm just going to number it to make it easier for me to remember and for you to read ;)

    1. An OU course...I hadn't heard of that til I looked it up and we have them here too. Not quite sure how they work exactly but they sound like something I definitely should've looked into before I made a definite commitment to the university I'm currently attending.

    2. You look so good in glasses! I always feel like such a librarian when I wear mine (not that there's anything wrong with librarians but...). People always automatically assume I look super smart especially when I wear my glasses but if they only knew, I'm struggling through half of my classes! Still, it's better to be seen as smart than dumb, right?! haha

    3. I absolutely love that your bf gives you gifts on Mother's day- how cute is that!

    4. So glad you had a good time meeting Sam (I'll have to check out her blog!)

    5. The shop you used to work at looks like it was so nice and fun to work in. It kind of reminds me of an American Greetings or Hallmark shop here (both are gift shops here that specialize in greeting cards).

    6. I definitely agree that unpacking is worse than packing. My parents moved to their current house almost 3 years ago and half the garage is still yet to be unpacked and admittedly, a lot of the boxes contain my old childhood toys!

    7. Sorry this comment was ridiculously long!

    8. Sorry for feeling the need to say sorry that this comment was ridiculously long... hehehe just kidding! I am just being silly now! :) xxxx


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